One outfit from 11 am to 11 pm

By Hand On The Hip - 9/23/2018

Hello peeps!

Are you a compulsive shopaholic like I am? Do you like wearing new clothes every single day? Honestly speaking, I barely ever repeat clothes to office and hence, I always end up with clothes piling up in my wardrobe and exploding every time I open my cupboard. I am currently also dealing with some kind of a buying disorder and to reduce hoarding, I have started wearing the same outfit in multiple ways for multiple occasions. Mixing and matching has always been the go-to method to create different looks with the same piece, but what if I told you that you can create different looks with the same look? Confusing, right?

Well, to explain this concept to you, let me just tell you about my recent trip to India. I was literally traveling from Mangalore to Bangalore and vice versa every other week and at times I even landed in Kolar or Udupi for a day or a few hours. I was so fed up of packing for all of these mini trips that I decided to wear the same outfit one entire day with some teensy alterations. All I had with me was this leather backpack and two pairs of shoes from Payless Shoesource, a book called The Librarian, a pair of slippers from Lifestyle Stores, a tee and culottes I picked up from street shops for less than 200 INR, a neckpiece from Pantaloons and a pair of hoops. I had to make it work for three different occasions that particular day.

11 am to 4 pm
Since I had a lot of travelling to do that morning, walk around a bit and it was super sunny, I styled my outfit with a cap and knotted up my tee for a more summery look. I wore pumps with the outfit to maintain the comfort level, but I'd have preferred sneakers though.

4 pm to 5 pm
I had to play goody-two-shoes later in the evening because I had to meet some folks for work. I undid the knot on my tee, pulled up my hair into a bun and wore my classy work heels with the outfit. Just to add some shine, I wore my large silver hoops and was ready to roll!

5 pm to 11 pm
I was done with all my work and it was time to kick off those block heels. I later decided to hang out with my friends at a nearby beer café and had to look casual. I opened up my hair, wore a golden necklace and some golden, shimmery flats. The party was lit!

I literally even went to sleep in the same outfit! Well, can you blame me? So, sometimes out of some really basic items, we can create unimaginably stunning looks! I have since then learnt to travel super light and my teeny backpack is all I need! Instead of investing in three different outfits, I managed to use what I already had to use the same outfit for different occasions. I would love for you guys to try out the same technique. Do let me know how that goes! Also, if you are having trouble finding such bottom wear, you can click here for women's high waisted print palazzo trousers.

Hand On The Hip

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