Simple ways to get rid of dandruff

By Hand On The Hip - 9/08/2018

Hello everyone!

The term "dandruff" makes almost all of us cringe. Nobody wants to feel embarrassed at work or be too conscious to wear black. While the cause for dandruff can be literally anything, from a skin disease to just dry skin to climatic to stress, there are multiple ways to get rid of it too. Since I faced the worst kind of dandruff attack earlier this month, it inspired me to educate you folks about the same and talk about my experience. This is deffo not a sponsored post (although I do wish Head and Shoulders does take a look at this and hire me as their brand ambassador =D Too ambitious?) and I really want you guys to know that you're not alone!

Well, if you have been up to date with my earlier posts, you'd know that I recently moved to Sydney and started working quite recently. Since the only move in my life before has been from Mangalore to Manipal to Bangalore, I had not experienced living in a different country for more than a couple of weeks. Well, Mangalore and Manipal are coastal towns and while most visitors might find the weather annoying and sweaty, for someone like me who's been born and brought up there, it's paradise for my skin and hair. I experienced my first pimple when I was 22 ish and had moved to Bangalore! Yeah, that's how awesome the weather as well as the water in Western Ghats actually is! I spent around five years in Bangalore after college and it took a toll on my skin and majorly on my hair. Somehow, after experimenting with a bunch of hair care products, I managed to bring it to a state where it was under control to some extent. I realized that shampoos alone aren't enough and they work differently in different weather and water conditions. I'd use only specific shampoos that would keep my scalp moist in Bangalore since the weather was quite dry and use whatever I wanted to in Mangalore because it's not as harmful. But alas, the week I moved to Sydney, I experienced the unexpected!

The shampoo that works best for me (Pantene) turned out to be my worst enemy! Now I don't know if it was the harshness of the winter or the heat of the water I used or the shampoo itself or work related stress, my scalp exploded! I was shedding tons of white particles off my head all day long! I These particles then flew across and landed on my face causing acne. I had trouble focusing on work, I was always scratching my head and I felt grotesque! Finally, I resorted to certain measures that helped me clean my scalp in no time!

  • I picked up a very expensive bottle of Head and Shoulders shampoo. This has been known to be a lifesaver when it comes to dandruff and it never disappoints! I made sure to use this every other day till my scalp was clear! Clinic Plus and Clinic All Clear are some other options you can try, but H&S is globally available and recognized. 
  • I changed my pillow case and bed spread immediately. Dirty sheets can dirty your scalp and cause your skin to get irritated. I am going to try and ensure that I change my sheets at least once a month!
  • I also cleaned all my hair brushes and combs with hot water and some shampoo. 
  • I try to wash my hair as frequently as possible. They say it's not a healthy option to wash your hair everyday, but it's way better than going to bed with a dirty scalp. So if you work out everyday, it's best to wash it everyday too.
  • I am suspecting that using a dry shampoo could have also played a part in this ordeal. Hence, I have decided that I am going to wash it off the same day I use it or probably not use it at all.
  • Your diet also plays a role, but there weren't too many changes with respect to that in my life, so I don't know. I should probably try drinking a lot of water, maybe?
  • I was so annoyed at work, constantly checking my shoulder and running to the ladies room. If you are extremely uncomfortable, avoid wearing black and tie up your hair in a bun on days it gets uncontrollable.  
  • If it doesn't go with H&S, then pick up a strong ketoconazole shampoo or something that a dermatologist would recommend. I try to stay far away from this because I tend to lose most of my hair with these shampoos! It's better to have some hair with dandruff than no hair at all, right? :D
  • Regular hair treatments, hair spa, application of henna can be a great way to nourish your scalp! I tried this hair mask from Coco and Eve and it really helped me get that shine.
  • Try staying away from chemicals! These new shampoos in the market like SP, Tresseme, Schwarzkopf etc. are not at all advisable if you already have a dry or damaged scalp.
  • Natural remedies like lemon, curd, neem etc. seem to work wonders - will probably try them next time! Hopefully, there won't be a next time! :p
  • In order to avoid dandruff from causing acne on your face, it's a fantastic idea to do everything you can to keep your hair away from your face - messy buns, head bands, turbans - whatever it takes!

The key is to not worry too much. It's absolutely normal to go through a dandruff overdose phase and it's not the end of the world! 

Hand On The Hip

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