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By Hand On The Hip - 2/18/2019

Hello everyone!

I have always been someone who has given her hobbies a lot of importance. I truly believe that if you try your hand at everything, you haven't lived at all. There's no other way of finding your true calling! Balancing all my hobbies with my day-to-day chores, my 9-5 job and my social life may seem really tricky, but trust me when I say that it's not that hard. Today's post is a highly, highly requested one and from the title you must've already guessed that it's got something to do with being busy. Everybody in my world has always wondered how I have the time to participate in multiple things and have literally always been asking me what my secret is. For those of you who want to be able to do manage your time well, I would love to share my thoughts and tell you how I do it.

First and foremost, nobody is really busy, it's all about priorities. A person who constantly grumbles that he/she is busy is basically just lazy or slow! I mean, how do you actually have the time to complain that you're busy if you're actually so busy? So if you want to squeeze in a million things in your 24 hours, then prioritize! Make a physical list if that helps. For instance, along with my job and household chores which are inevitable, my physical fitness is of utmost importance to me and that comes in my priority list for sure.

My next big tip for you is multitasking! I know it's scientifically not possible to multitask and you're actually shifting focus rapidly, but what I am trying to say here is if you try real hard you can literally do 3-4 things at a time. I am currently writing this post, watching "The Apartment" on Netflix while the rice for dinner is getting cooked and sitting on my couch with a face mask on as we speak - that pretty much means I am doing four things at once. In the same way, you could try to combine all your chores - chop veggies while you wait for the dal to cook, get some small little things done on your phone during your commute, let the microwave bake some bread while you paint and so on. The fact that I can get multiple things done in a certain span of time also helps me not get bored or distract me since I am doing different things.

DELETE WHATSAPP! Have you ever wondered how much time you waste on social media? If you are one of those people who is always glued to their phones, then it's time you let go of these apps that literally make you super unproductive. I mean, it's ridiculous how much time gets eaten up when you're in a group conversation or going through Instagram profiles of people you once went to college with. Instead, spend your time doing something productive or something that enables you to learn something new and set aside thirty minutes or so for social media.

Make sure that you are always bubbling with energy. If you wanna have too many things on your plate, it's necessary for you to stay healthy, fit and energetic. Try to eat healthy food, get some good sleep, exercise and all that jazz. On days I don't sleep well, it's an impossible task for me to get one thing done, leave alone 4-5 things at a time. Or on days I have not eaten well, I feel too fragile or tired to do anything. I've been stocking up on protein bars ever since. And with my sleep, well, it's a catch-22 situation - the busier I am during the day, the sleepier I get at night.

It's very important to know that it's not the end of the world if you can't fit in too many things in your day. If you feel overworked, it's absolutely okay to take breaks. There are days I do practically nothing. I sit my fat ass on my couch and watch like ten movies in one day! That's perfectly okay and one should definitely take breaks like that. That would help you get reenergized and you can get back to the grind.

That's basically everything I do to make time for things I love. If you have anything else to add to this list, then you know where to find the comment box. And always remember, you're never too busy for the things you love.

Hand On The Hip

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