Why Some Old-School Attitudes Will Always Be Relevant

By Hand On The Hip - 2/25/2019

It’s often easy to look at our parents or grandparents generation and dismiss some of the cultural
norms that were expected back then. In some cases, this is absolutely understandable. For example,
social care and justice has come a long way since then, and that can only be for the better. However,
some attitudes should be preserved, and should be viewed with fondness. You never know just how
much they could hold the antidote to the problems we face in the modern day.

Some old-school attitudes will always be relevant. But it’s up to us to figure out what those are, how
we might implement them in a meaningful manner, and what kind of standards we wish to hold those
attitudes up to. This can be a minefield to navigate, but with real prizes at the end of its exploration.
So let us do just that, and see if we can’t inject a little color into your life by the ironic use of sepia

Real Connection Over Online Connection

It’s quite amazing how social media has given us the tools to connect with those we might have lost
contact with, or to contact anyone in the world instantaneously. It’s easy to forget just how amazing
that is, and how recent a development that is. But of course, it’s had its downsides. While there’s
nothing necessarily bad about having online friends, sometimes only having these can lead us to feel
unfulfilled and as though we haven’t the real social connection we need in our lives. It can be
extremely instructive to put our phones down once in a while, and to look out around us and
appreciate the people who are close. Heading to a community centre or hobby group, turning off the
instant messaging app once in a while, or simply taking a chance on love can help you prioritize real
connection over online connection, or find a healthy balance between the two.

The Mystery & Fun Of Dating

When an opportunity for dating occurs, it’s not uncommon for many modern people to message the
person they have met over and over until all conversation topics have been exhausted by the time
they next meet. This can be quite a shame, because it removes the mystery and true authenticity of
finding what you like about someone from the offset. Implementing a no-text rule and only connecting
on social media when you are sure of each other’s true interest can bring some of the grounded fun
and excitement back to dating. It’s always better to send flowers than to send an emoji to demonstrate
how you are feeling.


In our modern culture, it has seemingly become cool, especially among the youth, to feel dejected and
apathetic. It’s not hard to understand why. The housing market is notoriously harder to get on, student
loans can weigh people down, and people often talk badly about millenials not realising they work just
as hard as their older relatives in a much different time. But unfortunately, apathy or feeling pessimistic
about a state of affairs can only lead you to ignoring opportunity. By implementing optimism in your life
where you can, you’d be surprised just how bright the future can look, and just how you can bounce
back from hardship.

With these tips, you’re sure to stay relevant and able in your modern day life.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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