Best skin practices for summer!

By Hand On The Hip - 7/04/2016

Hi people!
Summer is always driving your skin and hair crazy! There's always excessive oil, sweat and too much acne! How should one go about keeping his skin oil free and clear? I am not the one to use too many skin care products, but there are some things I do on a regular basis that my skin absolutely loves!

1. Water
Drink at least 2-4 liters of water everyday. You will see results only after a couple of weeks. For a camel like me who never got thirsty, drinking water was a torture. But now I force myself to drink at least 1-2 liters everyday and that has helped keep my skin young and glowing.
I use water as make-up remover as well. My skin doesn't react too well with make-up removers. All I do is wash off all my make-up with lots of cold water.


2. Rose Water
If you are not too satisfied with water, there is always rose water. It is one of the most underestimated products. Washing your face with rose water is extremely healthy for your skin. 
Rose Water

3. Soap
Using soap on your face can make it extremely dry and is not at all advisable. But if there is one soap that enhances your skin, it is Johnson's baby soap! I probably use this product more than I use anything on my face and it always keeps my skin baby soft!

4. Face-wash
To get rid of dust and acne, use a face-wash with scrub at least two times a day. I do not have a personal favorite since I experiment a lot. But currently, I am fixated on this product by Calvin Klein. You can check it out on one of my earlier posts.


5. Talcum powder
I have very oily skin and nothing keeps my skin soft and dry as talcum powder does. I wrote about it in my earlier posts. Here's a glimpse of the talcum powders I recommend.

Talcum Powder

6. Face-pack
It gets difficult to use face-packs while you're at work for over 13 hours. But do make some time over the weekends or at least once a month and pamper your skin with some natural products. I use a nice sandalwood face-pack and that cleanses my skin like no other product!

I hope all these tips were useful. Make sure you take good care of your skin. Nothing makes me happier than having healthy, glowing skin!

Hand On The Hip

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