My 3 favourite affordable lip products!

By Hand On The Hip - 7/02/2016


Everyone needs to be kiss ready ;) Chapped lips could not only be irritating but also a big put off. Here are some of the products that I really like.

Product # 1: MTV MUAH (Make Up Art Hues) Shades LS-05 and LS-13
These are really cute and compact and give you a smooth finish. They may not be bold and long lasting, but they feel great on your lips!


Product # 2: Lakme Enrich Satin R352 
This product is amazing for its price. The lipstick lasts pretty long, tastes like fruit and looks amazing on pouty lips!

Red Love

Product # 3: Nivea Fruity Shine (Strawberry) 
If you have really dry lips, then you should dab a bit of this product on your lips before you apply any kind of lipstick. It's glossy, shiny and tasty!

Hand On The Hip

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