Chop chop!

By Hand On The Hip - 7/02/2016

Hi guys!

What's better than having a good haircut? A great haircut! But how often do you end up with one? So I was lucky enough to get this amazing haircut this summer. Thanks to Rohit from Nomad Haircuts, I got exactly what I wanted!

My hair is usually oily on the scalp and gets dry and frizzy towards the ends. So I wanted something that would increase the volume on top and get thinner at the bottom. I did not want to disturb the length either. Rohit understood my requirements very patiently and gave me a fabulous haircut!

I may look slightly retarded in these pictures and also please excuse the quality :p But in the coming days, my hair got bouncier and voluminous in no time. I don't even need to style it!

Make sure you book your appointments right away at Nomad Haircuts

One step closer
Before the transformation
The new look
Totally loving it!

Hand On The Hip

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