Enhance To Put Your Admirers In A Trance! Ways To Highlight Your Natural Beauty

By Hand On The Hip - 12/29/2016

When it comes to looking good, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you've heard this
cliché a million times before, you're probably looking for a real answer to make yourself look better!
If we are not happy with how we look, then it will filter through to our frame of mind. But we've all got
attributes that we like to highlight, but conversely, we've got so many things that we want to cover up,
and we can get into the habit of covering up these things so much, that we’re not highlighting our
natural beauty. So let's do this!
The “Natural” Products
There are so many natural exfoliants, make-ups, and even real human hair extensions out there, and
when we are taking advantage of natural products we have to be sparing. Just because the product
says “natural” on it, we can feel that we're better off putting more on it, but it's about that delicate
balance. Natural products are great, just as long as we use them appropriately.
Protect Your Skin
It's not just about covering up the bits we don't like, it's about prevention. Regardless of the weather,
we have to protect our skin, especially if it's sensitive. Now, it's winter in the northern hemisphere,
so we turn the heating up, which can cause our skin to dry out, so while moisturizing with a natural
product is one way to offset this, we have to make sure that we are doing everything we can to
strengthen our skin, such as via collagen supplements, or taking hyaluronic acid. And don't forget,
you are what you eat! The more vitamins and minerals you put into your body, the more your skin
will glow!
Hit The Bed
Not just for bed rest, which is vital for beauty, but doing the dirty deed before you go to sleep will
make your skin glow, and as the naughty activities gives you a boost of that feel-good hormone
oxytocin, as well as it helping increase blood flow, it's hardly a surprise that it's the best way to
increase your natural beauty!
Keep Everything Trim
Clothes that don't look too frumpy, a well-positioned hairdo, as well as a set of nicely plucked
eyebrows can help to keep you looking slimmer than you are. When we are unhappy with our looks,
we have to find ways to highlight the good stuff, and if we feel we haven't got anything good to boast
about, that's when we have to take matters into our own hands. It's not just about wearing the right
clothes, but it's about looking at our life and if we're being healthy enough. And it's something that's
constantly spoken about, but if we're not healthy, this is going to show up on our skin.
Highlighting your natural beauty is about taking a look in the mirror and accepting your perceived
weaknesses. Be natural, but more importantly, be yourself. You have natural beauty, and even if
you struggle to see it, others will, but that doesn't stop you making a few little tweaks so you’re happy!

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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