By Hand On The Hip - 1/05/2017


Happy new year! :D I hope this year brings a lot of joy and love in everyone's lives! But first, let me rewind a little and go back in time when I went on this super amazing Euro Trip a few months ago. So from the last post, you guys know that I went to Prague, Munich and Salzburg. Our next stop was Budapest, Hungary! We had been eagerly waiting for this part of the trip!

So we took a train to Vienna which cost us around 10 Euros and then a bus to Budapest from Vienna which was another 10-20 Euros. We were exhausted to an extent that we could just doze off in seconds even when it was minus ten degrees!

As soon as we reached Budapest, we rushed to our hostel (which was a party hostel, so yay!) called Carpe Noctem Vitae. The hostel looked rather colorful and as we exchanged our Euros and got some Hungarian Forints, we were shocked to see how inexpensive things were. We spent around 16-20 Euros for 2 days.

On the first day, we walked around the city and went for a guided city tour. We learnt a couple of things about the Hungarian culture, the food they eat and this interesting drink called Palinkak that they consume, walked around the old town and learnt about the architecture of St. Stephen's Basilica. After the tour, we went for this famous bath where the water was between 30 to 40 degrees. We spent about 4000 Forints (approx. 8-10 Euros) and it was worth every penny! We got back to the hostel and joined the rest of the hostelites for a bar crawl and it was an amazing experience! We must have spent around 10 Euros.

I wore a comfortable denim dress during the day and a blue top from Dressberry and my ripped jeans from Max for the bar crawl. But my jacket was constantly on! :D

So another 40-50 Euros and we had a great time in Budapest!

Hand On The Hip

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