Do You Really Need To Hit The Bar This Weekend?

By Hand On The Hip - 1/31/2017

Of course, we aren’t intending to mother you with an article headline like that. However, sometimes it can be a good idea to reset your priorities and try to avoid the seemingly cultural fascination with the idea that you need to drink alcohol to have a good time. Even those who enjoy drinking can often reasonably understand how dangerous and silly this idea is. Even if you take aside all of the health concerns associated with regular drinking, often partaking in this without fail on your nights out can often rob you of the full experience of whatever you were hoping to attend in the first place.

Instead, we hope to offer some much healthier, alternative, expressive and well-thought out celebrations  you can partake in this weekend, to help you bond with friends and family, and to craft memories like you did when young. Consider our advice:

Local Gigs

It might be that heading to a show can fill you with energy and general amusement than any number of half-baked conversations could at any bar in the city. Heading to support your favorite acts and gaining a great deal from a competent ticket retailer can help you see large and small acts alike, and really share in the creation of awesome memories once in a while. Some people wake up fearful of the pictures they might have been tagged in from the night before, while others wake up excited to see the pictures they’ve taken with their good friend at an event they cared about, still buzzing from seeing their favourite live band in action. Which camp would you rather fall into?

Important Theatre

Which sounds better - a bar night or taking your grandparent to a fun show at a musical? Which one might you enjoy the most? This can help you feel your best self and give you a night you can truly cherish with your loved one. It might be that heading to the theatre could potentially give you an important experience, especially as this intimate and creative showpiece might lend historical, political or cultural relevance that can echo that which happens today. Theatre is unfortunately one of the most underrated and yet celebrated forms of performance art, as it incorporates so many dramatic and connecting elements that to avoid this potential might be considered truly unfortunate. Head to the theatre before the years out if you can. You’ll see what you’ve been missing.

Pop-Up Events
Attending the pop-up events in your city can be a much healthier alternate option to simply visiting your main bar. Even if visiting a beer festival, at least a celebratory and artistic element is involved. It might be you enjoy the variety of flavors at your local cheese market, or indulge in the beauty of the nearest German Christmas market offerings. The pop-up events in your area are sure to be extremely interesting, but only if you decide to take advantage of them while they are present.

With these simple alternative options, enjoying your weekend will likely be much more pleasant than simply heading to the bar, something that is often quite boring under deep examination.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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