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By Hand On The Hip - 2/08/2017

Hello peeps!

Don’t ask a woman how many pairs of earrings she owns. You will end up listening to her endless stories. She would have a closet full of earrings and pendants and yet, she would have nothing to wear. This really does happen! But isn’t that how you measure your fashion quotient?

Did you know that your face shape and complexion play a major role when it comes to wearing the right kind of earrings or pendants? Yes, they do and here, IndiaRush has put together some pieces that might complement your face cut.
Oval Face

You have the perfect face cut for a woman who is an avid shopper of earrings and pendants because any type of jewelry will suit someone with an oval face. However, you can create magic wearing stud earrings, danglers or earrings with patterns spread across to add some contrast to the shape of the earrings. You can also opt for choker pendants.
Round Face

How about a little bit of contour to show off on your cheek bones?  Then you can create an illusion of elongating your faces by choosing teardrop or any type of thread like hanging earrings. They are sleek and long and will definitely provide an angular precision to your face. You can wear a medium length chain with a long pendant that will make you look taller.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces have the advantage of an angular jaw line. Do make sure you choose similar type of earrings which are long and of abstract shapes with angles. An elongated pendant set will surely highlight your pretty cheek bones, jaw line and chin. Go with large chandelier earrings and diamond pendants to rock the event. This collection of jewelry will bring instant enhancement to your facial charm and features. Are you ready?
Square Face

Square faces have rounded cheekbones and give you a softer look at those angles. The cheekbones and jaw line are somewhat straight and showcase the best contour. Enhance your beauty with oversized hoops, tear drop earrings and broad ending earrings. Add some extra drama with sleek necklaces or pendants which have thread-like chain and pendant too.

Narrow/ Rectangular Face

Rectangular face looks great on taller figures and you can highlight your best features by selecting chandelier earrings, pearl earrings and any kind of long stone studded earrings. Tear drop online pendant set will be your lucky pick.
Diamond-Shaped Face

The forehead and cheek spaces are comparatively narrower than the other parts of the face. Hoop earrings, haggis, danglers and drop earrings will look amazing on this face type. Women with diamond face shapes can opt for medium length pendants which will fall on their chest range. To accentuate better, know your complexion and if you wish to have colorful jewelry in your collection follow these simple rules:
1. Pastel or coral colors will look ecstatic on dusky skin
2. Pearls are a great way enhance dark complexion
3. Bright stone jewelry are the right fit for fairer skin
So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself the right pair of accessories now!
Hand On The Hip

Writing credits - Paromita Sengupta
Editing credits - Hand On The Hip

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