The Low-Down on Balayage Hair

By Hand On The Hip - 2/21/2017

Have you heard about balayage hair? It has been a game changer for many. It has been a revelation because there is no more sitting down for hours on end with foils on our hair, giving us major Nicole Richie ‘Simple Life’ vibes. That isn’t just it, though. Balayage is something that has changed how we colour hair and is the trend that you will want on your hair for months to come. From Alexa Chung to Jessica Alba, there are so many people that are embracing the look. Here is the down low on all things balayage.

What Is It?

First of all, what does the world balayage even mean? It is a French word meaning ‘to paint’ as it allows you to create a sun-kissed or more of a natural look on your hair. It can be much like how hair is on children, when there are some natural highlights.

Balayage or Ombre?

There can be a lot of confusion between balayage and ombre hair, the latter of which was a big trend a couple of years ago. Ombre was more of a block colour fading out from the tips and going upwards. It was definitely more of a block colour look, rather than a natural look that an ombre could give to you. If you look for some of the best blonde colourists near to you, then they would be able to tell you the difference, and show you how it all works. But really, the difference is that balayage is more of a natural look compared to ombre.

Balayage vs. Highlights

If you are someone that normally goes for highlights, then is balayage going to be for you? If you have quite a block colour then it can be a good idea to carry on with highlights. But if you wanted to have hair that has a less defined look when the hair is growing out, then balayage can be a good way to go. You don’t get a stripy look with balayage and as it is made to look more like a sun-kissed version of your own hair, it can mean that growing your hair out can look much more natural. So a great option for people looking to get back to more of a natural colour.

Many hairstylists are talking about how much balayage is here to stay, and in fact, could take over highlights, especially the traditional foil highlights route. The latter is a bit of a retro trend and as we have seen of late, many of the A-list celebrities are not rocking a the traditional look and choosing balayage instead. The good news is that you can make this work for you and create a really unique look. As it is hand painted on, then you can choose if you want a solid colour look or more of a subtle one, so it can change every time.

Have you ever had balayage on your hair before? Would you consider it? It would be great to hear what you think.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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