Cream of the crop

By Hand On The Hip - 1/25/2017

Hello peeps!

What are your thoughts on wearing a crop top? Too much belly fat? Too shy to expose your tummy? Well, I think crop tops are for everyone! It is very hard to maintain a flat stomach, but how about some hacks that you could use to flaunt your curves in those super cute crop tops that you keep seeing everywhere?

Well, for starters, I picked this geometric print crop top and this asymmetric skirt from Zaful, a paradise for fashion lovers and it's affordable, reasonable and adorable! Do make sure you check out what they have! I teamed it up with some bling flats and bling chunky earrings.

Hack # 1: Always make sure your crop top is flowy at the bottom! You could get one size bigger as well. This will make your waist area look narrower than it is.

Hack # 2: Team up your crop top with high waist bottoms. If you can see here, my skirt is less than an inch below my belly button. This will make sure that all your fat is covered.

Hack # 3: Pick crop tops with bright, loud colors and prints. This will shift the focus from your belly.

Wear your crop top with oomph and confidence! Your outfit looks much better if you confidently pull it off!

I hope these hacks were useful. Do try them out!

Hand On The Hip

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