Back to basics!

By Hand On The Hip - 1/12/2017

Hey there!

Are you one of those people who's always running late? Do you have to get up one hour earlier than scheduled just to do your make-up? It's nice to be always made up and well dressed, but sometimes I love keeping it basic! Today's post is going to be all about how I sometimes like to zone out and just be free!

I wore this basic white tee with distressed denims and flip flops - all from Max! I like how inexpensive things are at Max and they never compromise on style!

What's amazing about a basic white tee is that you can wear it with practically anything! I picked up these multicolored flip-flops from Max just so that I can add some color to my otherwise plain outfit.

I don't think fashion or style should be forced. It should come from within. It is an expression. And you need to define your style! If you are not comfortable wearing something, then you shouldn't! There are other ways to look stylish! Always make sure that you wear what you like best and pull it off like a boss! :)

Hand On The Hip

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  1. Denim and white tee shirts are the best. But you know you could amp it up a bit with a pair of ballets rather than just flip flops. That's what I love doing.