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By Hand On The Hip - 8/26/2017

Hi guys!

Did you have a lovely Ganesha festival? I most certainly did! I spent the whole day with my amazing family. When I woke up in the morning, the only thing on my mind was to drape one of my mum's sarees and take part in the pooja. But I realized it's more than that!

I've been having a terrible couple of days. If you have been following my Insta stories, you'd know that I missed my flight home, wasted lots of money and time waiting for a bus at the airport and took one home, got sick on the bus and some terribly stitched saree blouses for the wedding welcomed me home! (If you think I am unnecessarily stressed out, then please ask former brides about how big of a deal it is and how pressured we feel to look perfect on our d-day :D) Long story short, I was really upset.

When I woke up the next morning, I decided to help my dad with the festival decorations. In a few hours, I could see that my mum was really stressed. It took me a while to figure out why. She was the only person cooking for a family of 7 since the cook has taken off for a bit. For most of you that might sound normal but my doctor mommy is also a workaholic! (She works 16-20 hours a day and works on Sundays as well. I sometimes need to take an appointment to speak to her :D) In no time, we all started chipping in. I handled all the slicing and chopping of veggies, my sis-in-law took care of the frying, the men were made to go to the grocery stores and bring us the missing ingredients and my mum cooked us a delicious meal. Although it was tedious, it was an amazing experience to cook with my family and lend a helping hand. The main dish (bisi bele bath) had never tasted better! I had no idea that even for something as simple as pachadi (salad with curd), my mum would put in so much effort and make sure there were no ingredients missing. I realized the true essence of spending the festival with your family. We've seen on television or in the movies that people keep stressing on how Christmas is all about sharing and giving. Well, I had a dose of that on Ganesh Chaturthi and felt like a grown up!

Of course, I didn't plan what I was gonna wear. I opened my mum's cupboard and found this beautiful black saree. Since my sis-in-law has a great collection of embroidered blouses, finding something to go with this took us 3 seconds! I borrowed earrings and bangles from them and with a nice gajra around my bun, I was set!

For those of who don't appreciate all things done by your mum for you, please thank her right away by helping her in the kitchen and giving her a hug. You're not only going to learn a lot, but you'll also make someone's life easier!

On that note, here's me signing off by wishing you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

Hand On The Hip

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  1. The one thing that my mother has always insisted upon is that everyone take part in helping out for festivals. Honestly that is one reason why I have had no issues at all post marriage because I know what is expected to be done for each festival and where to help out. Life lessons for sure.

  2. You like super pretty Pria. :)