How to Have a Stress-free Honeymoon

By Hand On The Hip - 8/23/2017

It may be the best day of your life but, let’s be honest, your wedding day can be stressful. So, when
it comes to jetting off on your honeymoon, you’ll want to make sure you can totally relax. Travelling
can come with its own set of dramas, but these tips will help you have a worry-free time.

Get Professional Help

Planning your honeymoon on your own without any guidance from a professional service is admirable.
However, professionals will be privy to all the little details that make a difference. For instance, if you
book a flight for your stay in Rome and you land at night, you won’t be able to ride the Metro to your
destination. Using a professional service to book your holiday will mean you can sort everything out
there and then.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Transfers
Even if you’ve visited the country you’re travelling to before and know the area well, you can still be
blind sighted by public transport. When you get off the plane, most people just want to get to their
destination and rest for a while. Hiring private airport transfers means you don’t have to think about
anything. Meanwhile, your other passengers are waiting in long queues for taxi’s or missing their bus
rides because getting through baggage claims was a traveller’s nightmare.

Get a Massage

Did you know that most major airports have spa facilities? It’s a great way for travellers to unwind
after long haul flights or while waiting for a connecting flight. Getting a relaxing massage is also a
fantastic way to calm travel sickness if you suffer from it. Travelling can be harsh on your body,
so make the most of the airport spa while you wait.

Enjoy upgrades

On your honeymoon? Make sure everyone knows about it. It’s not unheard of for
airlines to upgrade passenger seats for couples on their honeymoon. If you didn’t book the suite
at your hotel, mention you’re on your honeymoon to the hotel staff. You may find you’re moved to the
best room in the building. How about complimentary drinks at the bar or a free dessert at your local
restaurant? There are some great perks to flaunting your new relationship status around.

Communicate with your Spouse

The whole point of a honeymoon is to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Make sure you’re
on the same page before you jet off. A wedding can be highly stressful, and you may both need to
get a few things off your chest before you can truly unwind. Remember, no matter how much you
plan for the perfect holiday, there may still be things that go wrong. So, be willing to go with the flow
and laugh at the imperfections. Getting caught in the rain doesn’t just mean you’ll get wet – it can be
hilarious and romantic too!

Although wedding planning is often left up to the bride, involve your partner in the honeymoon
planning so you get the best of both worlds.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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