Beauty Tricks to Step up Your Selfie Game

By Hand On The Hip - 8/01/2017

The odd thing about taking selfies is that, while beautiful women and girls have been celebrated throughout the ages, it’s suddenly vain to take a picture of yourself when you’re feeling cute. It’s almost as if we’re not allowed to enjoy our own beauty and feel well in our own skin; a gorgeous woman with low self-esteem is somehow more desirable than someone who feels beautiful and isn’t afraid to show it.

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It’s time to put a stop to the hypocrisy and find ways to look and feel even more dazzling on social media. When taking that selfie, you are the one in control, after all, and you can choose exactly how you’re going to present yourself.

Here is a handful of makeup tricks and beauty tips to look like a million bucks so that you can celebrate and enjoy your own beauty even more.

First: Smiling with confidence

How much you like your own smile is going to have a lot to say in terms of how confident you feel. If you’re unhappy with your smile, you’re simply not going to let it shine as brightly as you would have otherwise - but there are, luckily, ways to fix this.

Learn to take better care of your teeth, first of all, to set a good and healthy foundation for your teeth in the future. This involves flossing at least once a day, by the way, and drinking water in order to stay both hydrated and to keep your mouth clean and free of bacterias.

If you have issues with your teeth that a new dental routine simply won’t fix, you might want to look into cosmetic dentistry as well. This is the kind of thing that’s so easy to put off forever but you’ll be very happy when you finally have it done - and you will definitely smile brightly for those pictures.

Next: Make your skin glow

No matter how beautiful you actually are, you’re not going to convince yourself to believe in your own good looks unless your skin looks great as well. Unfortunately, this tends to be the kind of thing you can thank your genetics for; while a good diet and regular exercise help to give a certain glow, miniature pores and flawless skin comes from your parents.

You can still trick the rest of the world slightly, though, even if you’re having a bad skin day once in a while. The best way to cover up any blemishes and make it glow is to, first of all, lay a good foundation with a serum. It gives instant hydration and will make the rest of your makeup, such as a foundation and a powder, stick better and look more natural.

Try to go for that no-makeup look on your skin by using just the right amount and don’t forget to treat your neck a bit as well.

Make your eyes pop

Finally, while your skin should look as if you just woke up with the dewiest, freshest complexion, you don’t have to fool them when it comes to your eye makeup. Make it pop by using an eyeshadow that brings out your eye colour and let your brows define your face afterwards.

You could choose to let your lips pop instead, though, or go for that heavier makeup look if you have the skills to pull it off. Now all you have to do is to find yourself a spot by the window, turn your head until you find the best light and, of course, smile.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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