Mystery Rooms - A Real Life Escape Game Experience

By Hand On The Hip - 7/30/2017


I have been a resident of Bangalore for the past 5 years or so. Coming from the coast where I spent almost every other day at the beach, Bangalore is a pretty dull place for me. The initial few months were exciting since there was this whole new culture of night life that I hadn't experience much before, but after a while it got monotonous. So what are the other fun things you can do in our Garden City?

Just when the city's excitement had begun to wear out, I was introduced to Mystery Rooms. Located in Indiranagar, Bangalore, this place has it's own charm. Basically, Mystery Rooms has a variety of games that you could go with your friends to play and enhance your team building skills. Currently Bangalore has 4 games or so and me and my friends chose to play Lockout.

The whole idea was to escape from the prison cell in an hour or so with the help of all the puzzles and clues spread all over the place. We were even made to wear prison clothes and handcuffs to get us into character! How exciting, isn't it? The entire process is so well-organised that you wouldn't realize you're not in the real world for even one second! (People with extreme claustrophobia should watch out!) I wouldn't want to give you more spoilers, but it's something you should experience on your own. And remember, it's not about winning, it's about the journey!

The pricing is somewhere between 600 INR per person on weekdays to 800 INR on weekends. If you have run out of places to go to with your friends or colleagues, then you should make sure this is your next pit-stop.

Have a blast, guys!

Hand On The Hip

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  1. he he he sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Oh wow! Have heard a lot about this place!

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