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By Hand On The Hip - 7/12/2017

Hey guys!

I just realized that I really need to up my blogging game. Lately I have had no motivation to post as frequently as I used to and then all of a sudden, it struck me! A lot of you have been asking me about hair care and one of my biggest challenges with long hair is the dryness and Hagrid-like frizz at the bottom. There are a lot of factors that affect your hair like your diet and lifestyle, water quality, weather and climate, smoke and pollution, hair care products you use etc. The Gen Y ladies are always looking forward to experimenting with new looks and new products, but what they don't understand is the long term damages it could cause to their hair. Believe me, I have learnt it the hard way! Sigh! I had thick, fabulous hair when I lived with my parents. Between the constant annoyance of my dad who would force feed me fruits (which I truly, deeply miss now), my mum's super healthy cooking, great weather and water conditions in Mangalore and the inability to afford expensive hair care products, I think my hair used to be the happiest back then! But it's never too late, right? I could still work it out with whatever little I have left :( Anyway, here are some hacks I decoded over the years that I would like to share with you all.

1. Hair serum to the rescue!
Hair serums are a savior for those of you who have frizzy hair at the bottom. When I was a teenager I had less polluted, thicker and voluminous hair (I guess that's the story of every fashionista out there!), but I still used Livon and that gave my hair the much needed smoothness. I should probably try that again one of these days. But as of now, I personally love my cute little bottle of Argan Oil I have been using for years now. I apply a little bit of it at the bottom after I shampoo and it reduces the dryness. But you need to be really careful if you have oily scalp, because the serum could magnify the oiliness and make your scalp look champufied.

2. Hair oils too?
I usually have bad experiences with hair oils (especially coconut oil) as they don't suit my hair. But because of the gazillion benefits a hair oil has, I would still ask you guys to give this a shot if you want to go the chemical free way. Just take a drop or two of coconut oil in your palm and rub it on the frizzy part of your hair every time you think it's unmanageable. Avoid applying the same on your scalp.

3. Braids and twisties!
So the basic problem with my hair is that there's absolutely no unity between the strands at the bottom. And since I have colored hair, it gets all the more difficult to bring them together. On days I just cannot figure out a way to tame them, I just twist the whole bunch into a bun or a braid. If you leave the braids overnight, you wake up with beautiful curls too! Try it out maybe?

4. Layering all the way!
After a while, none of these hacks work because your hair has already grown way to long and frizzy. You are already struggling with a lot of split hairs and you just don't know how to make it work anymore, but don't wanna let go of those locks. Go to your most trustworthy hair stylist and ask him to give you layers at the bottom without reducing the length much. This will definitely help you reduce the frizz.

5. Shampoo and conditioner - sounds familiar?
Always remember that shampoo is for the scalp, while conditioner is for your hair. I learnt this golden rule back in school. A good conditioner always helps you keep all of your hair in place and don't be too lazy. When you're asked to leave it on for a minute, you need to actually leave it on for a minute! A shampoo that suits your hair should be the first thing on your list. Certain shampoos like Flex have improved the strength of my hair considerably, but I realized they do no good to the dryness. Then there are shampoos like SP Hydrate that have always worked wonders for me! So make sure to invest a little and pick up shampoos that are suitable for oily scalp and dry hair.

6. Heat me baby one more time!
A lot of us are scared to use straighteners or blow driers on our hair as we don't want to damage them. As much I try to avoid them, there are days when the frizz is so out of control that I have to pull out my straightener and teach that frizz a lesson. So here, the trick is to use some nourishing oils on the bottom part of your hair and use the straightener, just a liiiitttle bit, only on that part of your hair and you're good to go.

7. Powderpuff girl!
Now that I have shared some tips to reduce the volume at the bottom, here's a quick tip you could use to make your scalp less oily. Take a little bit of talcum powder on your palms and spread it on your scalp. Oh yes! That really helps!

8. Poof it up!
This might require a lot of patience and some decent hair styling skills, but if you'd have seen ancient Indian actresses with a poof on their scalp and if you remember calling the poof a coconut like I did, then haha! This is an everlasting hair trend that most brides end up following and you could poof up your hair for your everyday ponytails too. Try that yet?

9. Messy hair it is!
People actually spend money on getting the messy hair look! Why fret when you can have it naturally? I remember uploading some pictures I took in the USA where the humidity butchered my hair and someone actually commented "Messy hair goals" and I was like, wow, this could be a thing. So just spray in some sea salt or whatever hair spray is available and just go natural!

10. Chop it off!
Well, when all else fails, just chop it off! Sometimes, there's not much you can do. Just chop off the dry ends and maybe you can start afresh. This time take precautionary measures maybe?

Well, I hope you guys could use at least one of these tips. If you enjoyed my post, do comment below. Have a happy hair day!

Hand On The Hip

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  1. The chopping it off part is what I always end up doing. Hairfall only rises with age I think.

  2. True that! Chopping is the only solution I have! :P

  3. You have put some of the most basic but super effective tips there! Loved reading this one.