Honeymoon Ideas You Have To Try

By Hand On The Hip - 7/01/2017

When you finally tie the knot with the person you love it is without a doubt the happiest day you could
ever hope for in your life. Marrying your soulmate is always amazing and it will mark the start of your
next chapter in life together. Once the wedding is over and you can look forward to your life together
it is the ideal time to get yourself ready for a honeymoon.

The honeymoon is a holiday which newlyweds go on after the wedding day and it is something which
they will be able to enjoy together and experience together for the first time as an adult. When it
comes to choosing a great honeymoon idea, we have some awesome ones for you to try which will
allow you and your loved one to enjoy each others company as well as try something brand new.

1 . Giraffe Manor
If you both love animals and you want to try something new this year on your honeymoon you can
do no better than Giraffe Manor in Kenya. This manor is one which you may have already seen on
Facebook and it allows you to have a tea party in a huge manor and get up close and personal with
giraffes. These stunning creatures will be right there with you on your date and it will be a surreal and
magical experience for you to share.

2. Glass Igloos & Cabins
For something which will be totally new to you both, why not swap the swimsuits and the beach for
something a little bit more… cold? In Finland you will have the chance to stay in a real igloo with your
partner and cosy up under the stars. And if the igloo is a little too extreme for you, you can stay in a
log cabin and enjoy seeing the northern lights while you snuggle up by the fire!

3. The Old Railway Station
If you enjoy staying in unique hotels which are different from anything else you’ve stayed in before,
then The Old Railway can be an amazing place for you to stay in with your partner this year. This
hotel is set in the south of England and is a stunning location to spend this time with your newly
betrothed. You’ll be able to see some gorgeous historical features in the station and it can be a
lovely place to relax for a few days.

4. Sextantio Grotte Civita
Italy is a magical place to begin with, and is known to be one of the most romantic places in the world,
but here we are not just talking about staying in Rome or Florence for the week. These hotel rooms
will be like nothing you have ever seen before because they are literally caves. The Sextantio le
Grotte della Civita’s caves are the most amazing rooms you have ever seen and it took over a decade
for people to turn them into functioning bedrooms. You’ll be in the middle of nature in a stunning
setting with the person you love and it can really be the most amazing place to be.

5. The Caribbean
The caribbean is a beautiful place at the best of times and for honeymoon holidays it can be a great
place to stay. This part of the world is warm and sunny all year long and this means that no matter
when in the year you tie the knot this is a great place to be. You can either enjoy a lazy holiday on
the beach and spa, or a more active holiday trying new sports and activities like hiking and scuba
diving. If you do choose here make sure to have a travel doctor on hand if you hurt yourself!

6. Costa Verde Plane Hotel
Have you always wanted to know how Tarzan’s parents felt living in their amazing jungle treehouse?
Well, Wonder no more. This beautiful hotel is set in a canopy in the middle of the jungle of Costa
Rica and it is magical. You’ll be able to enjoy one of the most unique holidays you’ve ever
experienced and it is a super fun place to be.

7. The Boot B&B
One of the most unique places to stay in the world is actually in New Zealand, and surprisingly we
aren’t talking about the shire from Lord Of The Rings. No, this accommodation is a giant boot, allowing
you to live out that old classic nursery rhyme for yourself! Plus, New Zealand is a beautiful place to
stay so even if you didn’t want to live in a shoe you should still visit!

8. Underwater Hotel
As long as you aren’t scared of being underwater for long periods of time, this hotel will be one
of the most unique and magical you have ever visited. Set in Sweden, the Utter Inn is a hotel which
is inside a lake. You will be totally secluded away from the world and it makes this place the ideal
option for a romantic honeymoon. It will be a place where you can both be totally alone for a week
or so and you can really start to enjoy your married life together.

9. Spitbank Fort
Do you like the idea of living in a secluded fort for a week on a remote island? You would? Well, you
are definitely in look! Spitbank fort is located just off the English coast and is on an island away from
the mainland. It is a stunning place and is somewhere which will make you feel as if you have
travelled back in time for a while.

10. Lake Hotel India
For the ultimate honeymoon hotel, this one in India is the ideal place for you to enjoy a romantic
getaway. Every single room of the hotel has a different theme in history and is built with the sole
purpose of being as romantic as possible. You’ll be able to truly lose yourself in this magical setting
and you’ll even forget about the world itself for a while as you enjoy being alone together.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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