My Wedding Diaries - The Celebration

By Hand On The Hip - 11/28/2018

Hey guys!

Hope you've been closely following my wedding diaries. I have been listing every little detail that I can remember so that you feel like a part of it too! So after the reception, we spent some time chilling with our friends and slept like a log. That feeling of removing that thick layer of make-up from my face that had been on for almost 20 hours was so blissful that I have no words to explain it. I was so damn excited because I could finally sleep like a baby. But my joy was short-lived as we had to wake up early the following morning for some more rituals! Yeah, this was like a never-ending wedding ceremony! We had a Kashmiri function in the morning from the groom's side for the groom's family only. We also had to rush to the wedding registrar to get ourselves legally married.

We got some rest and at around 4.00 pm, I had to start getting ready again! Why, you ask? It was time for another reception! So my in-laws hosted a reception party for both families and their friends. With whatever little energy we had left, we managed to dance a little bit too. The best part was seeing my grandmother's 93 year old sister dance! The party must have gone on till around 11 pm and then we went back to our room, spent some time with our friends and went to bed.

Outfit Details

Saree: This gorgeous saree was again gifted by my mom-in-law and she got it from Jayalakshmi Silks in Trivandrum.

Gown: I also changed to a gown later that I could feel comfortable in. I got this from Soch for about 7K INR.

Hair & Make-up: Well, I was done with painting my face with layers and layers of make-up. For this function, I decided to do it all myself. I kept it very simple and wore red lipstick for that pop of color.

Jewellery: My mother-in-law had given me some gold jewellery, so I wore all of that for this function.

Well, I was officially, legally married. Mentally? I don't know! Haha! I just couldn't wait to finish off with everything, go for my honeymoon and then get back to reality. Well, that's what happens when you don't sleep for one whole week! But overall, it was great to see that everybody was happy. My parents were happy that I was finally married! My in-laws were happy to welcome me into their family. My relatives were happy that they could be a part of this wedding. And my husband? Of course, he was the happiest! He got the best wife he could ever get! :p

Hand On The Hip

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