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By Hand On The Hip - 11/21/2018

Hey everyone!

Do I even need to remind you? Yussss, it's the #WeddingMonthSeries! :D So, if you are a bit lost, I would request you to go back to my posts about The Beginning and The Muhurta. Since it's November, everything you see on this blog is going to be related to my wedding. Now where were we? I was finally a shaadi shuda aurat! Honestly speaking, for every third person asking me how I felt at that moment, I had only one answer - I am exhausted! Weddings are super tiring, no, wait, they are energy drainers! Anyway, so by about 4.00 pm, we were done with all the rituals, lunch, going to a nearby temple, getting received by the in-laws etc. Exhausted is not even 1% of what I was feeling at that moment! I can't stress that enough! Brides-to-be, do take notes. I kinda felt like a zombie!

But I had no time to waste on such useless thoughts because I had to rush to the beauty parlour for my next look. We had to be back at the wedding hall for a reception at 7.00 pm. I was supposed to wear a pink gown from Soch for my reception, which somehow vanished! Yes, it's possible! When your home has like 50 people, you've not had much rest for the whole week and it's like a forty degrees, it is possible for a thing or two to go missing. So I ended up wearing this maroon saree that my mother-in-law had given me and did not regret it at all. After getting my hair and make-up done in like an hour or so, we rushed to the venue for the reception. Thankfully, it wasn't as hectic as expected! You know what the worst part about weddings is? Taking photos with literally every single one of the thousand people that attend your wedding! I mean, don't get me wrong, but it can get extremely taxing for the hosts! We wrapped up by 10 ish and phew, called it a night! But overall, everyone was relaxed, my parents were glad that their little girl was off the market and people who came for the food did not stop themselves from enjoying every bite of the seventeen course meal! :D

Outfit Details

Saree: I believe this saree was bought at Jayalakshmi Silks in Trivandrum. Obviously, I don't know the price, but it was one of the most beautiful Kanjivaram sarees I've ever worn!

Hair & Make-up: I wanted to leave my hair open, but with a twist, so the stylist gave me some soft curls and a cute hairdo. For my make-up, since there was no time to re-do the whole procedure, she did a little bit of touch-up on my existing make-up and added a little bit of shimmer to my eyes, but damn, I look so different!

Jewellery: I was done with gold! I locked away all of the heavy jewellery and decided to wear 1 gm gold for the reception that I had picked up at a store in Mangalore.

Weddings can be quite a task for the bride! You have to worry about every little detail! The only thing, at this point, that I was eagerly waiting for, was to get that make-up off and sleep away to glory! Hmmmm, a bride can only dream.

Hand On The Hip

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