My Wedding Diaries - The Beginning

By Hand On The Hip - 11/06/2018


It's November already! Yay! I am excited because it's my Wedding Month! (#Prishub lasted a whole year without killing each other! *pats herself and her husband on the back*) I don't think I was this excited last year though :D Anyway, my hubby and I are soon going to be celebrating our first year wedding anniversary and I have been waiting for this month to start so that I can share my entire experience with you guys about my wedding week last year. I have decided that the whole of November is going to be dedicated to this special occasion and what better way to relive those memories than document them! I already spoke about how I designed my Sangeet Lehenga in an earlier post and I am really grateful to you guys for all the amazing feedback I received. Well, I wanted to design or at least style all my clothes for the wedding myself because, hey, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The entire wedding charade lasted a week or so and it was probably the most tiring week of my life! I am a very light sleeper, always extra anxious about everything, so you can imagine what my crazy brain might have brought upon me. After spending the night before the wedding dancing, singing and making merry, it was time to buckle up for the big day! I was about to have my "Brace yourself, S*** just got real" moment! :D

The D-Day

My make-up artist asked me to be at the mantap at sharp 6.00 am and I got zero sleep the night before! (No surprises there!) I somehow got my lazy ass out of my bed and reached the venue on time. The wedding shenanigans began with the baaraat arriving at around 8.00 am where the groom, his family, his friends and everyone else danced to the beats of a dhol. Unfortunately, I was still inside the room getting ready for the wedding. (So unfair, right?) And trust me, the pressure is real! Since my husband is a North Indian and I am a South Indian, we had a little bit of both customs in the wedding. My family welcomed the groom's family at the entrance and the groom was taken to his room. There were some rituals being performed and I finally got a chance to make an appearance on stage. Although it was hardly for a few minutes, my precious saree got a chance to meet the crowd before I headed back for my next change.

Outfit Details

Saree: I bought this gorgeous green Kanjivaram saree from Saree Palace in Mangalore. I think it cost me around 20K INR. I did not wanna spend loads of money on clothing that would see the light of the day just a couple of times before it gets discarded. If it were up to me entirely, I would have probably gotten married in my jeans! Hehe! Anywho, I wanted to jazz up my wedding trousseau a bit, so I purchased a few meters of this purple brocade material from Mysore Silk Udyog in Bangalore and used it for the blouse and also gave the saree a purple border.

Hair & Make-up: I had booked Lakme Salon for the entire day and they did a decent job with my hair and make-up. I wanted to go traditional, but also keep it classy with my hair - so I decided to get a bun with flowers instead of the traditional braid with flowers. I wanted to use copper-ish hues on my eyes, bright lipstick on my lips and wanted to keep the make-up as simple as possible. The make-up brand used was Kryolan and they charged around 20K INR for two functions that included make-up, hair and saree draping. The make-up was the one thing that I did not want to mess up at any cost! I mean, come on, I am a beauty blogger. You understand that, right?

Jewellery: Again, I wanted to keep the look very simple and very traditional, so I went for temple jewellery. I got the necklace, jhumkas and some bangles from Jos Allukas. I also got some 1 gm gold jewellery like the head embellishment, waist chain and some bangles from a random store in Mangalore. My best friends gifted me a gold ring from Malabar Gold which I decided to wear as well.

Well, the wedding definitely was a lot of fun, much more than I had anticipated and not very stressful. Because of the effort put in by my loving familia, who divided all of the tasks like managing guests, booking halls, making payments etc. among themselves, executed them to it's best and drove this whole project, I could chill and have a happy wedding! For now, this is all the scoop you get. I hope you enjoyed this post as well as the supporting pictures. Do stay tuned for the next few posts to get a complete picture of my wedding diaries!

Hand On The Hip

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