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By Hand On The Hip - 11/13/2018

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing today? It's still November, which means it's time for another wedding related post. Yippie! *throws confetti at herself* Let me refresh your memory a little bit. Since it's my wedding month, all of the posts this month are exclusively for my wedding series. The last time I got down to writing here, I spoke about the first part of the wedding. If you haven't checked it out, click here for the same. So let's move on?

The wedding saga

One of the not-so-fun-for-the-bride customs of a South Indian Kannadiga Brahmin wedding is the constant outfit change tradition! Usually, brides love to change into multiple sarees in a span of 2-3 hours and I honestly don't get it! That's absurd and there was no way I was doing that! After a little banter, my mum and I negotiated and I agreed to change once. As soon as my participation in the first set of rituals were accomplished, I went back to the room to change for the muhurta. There were a whole bunch of other stuff going on at the mantap, some of which included the groom as well. But I guess till the actual muhurta, the bride and the groom don't really see each other. As I went back inside the bride's green room for my next saree change, there were some more rituals that were to be performed inside the room! (Oh yeah, it's never-ending and literally happens at any corner of the wedding hall, but it's a once-in-a-lifetime thingy, so I ain't complainin'!) I had some of my friends and family keeping me company while I changed to the main wedding saree! *a huge round of applause for me please*

I was getting super impatient because of all the waiting! I mean, come on, I thought it was supposed to be my wedding! At around 11.00 am or so, I finally was allowed to step out for the ramp walk! Well, not exactly a ramp walk, but a glorious procession for me to walk towards the mantap where the groom was waiting for me. My dear mama (maternal uncle) escorted me while the ladies walked with beautiful diyas as I walked like a princess! That was probably my favourite part of the wedding! I literally felt like a supermodel! There were cameras all over the place capturing my expressions, people waving and smiling at me as I walked and most importantly my family dancing with me, my brothers holding the doli over me and in that moment, everything felt so surreal! Weddings are not just the union of two souls, it's about everyone getting together and celebrating your happiness. It's about everybody's participation in your big day. And at that moment, I knew that everybody who were there were genuinely happy for me.

Once I reached the mantap, I saw my sweaty, tired dulha smiling away. The rest of the ceremonies included the tying of the taali, the seven pheras and some other regular wedding stuff. We also had a Kashmiri ritual where we were worshipped as Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and were covered in flowers. By around 12.00 pm or so, the whole process of getting married was done and dusted! We were on stage till about 2.00 pm and everybody came forward to give us their blessings and wishes. 

Outfit Details

Saree: The muhurta saree was also from Saree Palace and cost me around 20K INR. I wanted something in pink or red to keep it traditional. I mean, a red-pink saree screams desi dulhan, doesn't it? I did not want to play around with the blouse too much, so I kept it simple with some gold embroidery.

Hair & Make-up: I didn't change the hairdo or my make-up due to time constraints and stuck to the same as before.

Jewellery: I didn't change the jewellery much either, except maybe the colourful fake bangles in order to match with the saree.

That's it, guys! I was married! Just like that! Well, for my next look and to know what happened next, stay tuned.

Hand On The Hip

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