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By Hand On The Hip - 7/24/2017


I cannot believe this post has been delayed for so long! Anyway, as most of you who know me/follow me on Instagram know, my boyfriend and I had our official engagement ceremony this Jan. It's already been over six months! Unbelievable! But first I thought I should give you guys a background story. What say?

About two years ago, Reshub and I first met at a friend's wedding. We instantly hit it off and after about 7-8 months of dating, I told my folks about him. As every other over-enthusiastic Indian mom who has a 20-something daughter would react, it wasn't surprising to see her bombard me with a trillion questions about him. Reshub and I spent the next few months meeting each others' parents and making the parents meet each other. In no time, the date for the engagement ceremony was decided.

Oh yeah, engagement ceremony! It was an actual full-fledged South Indian ritual to which close friends and family were invited. We exchanged rings too, sang songs, danced and made merry. But what I would also like to share with you guys is all the crazy shopping we had to do for a function that lasted 3-4 hours.

One of the biggest concerns was to find the perfect rings. I am not much of a jewelry person and neither is he, so finding what we both like was a bit of a challenge. We are both not really into gold either. Yeah, that sounds strange considering I am a South Indian. After looking for rings all over Bangalore, Mangalore and Mumbai, we finally picked a platinum-diamond ring for me and a platinum-diamond band for him from Tanishq.

The next big headache - outfits! I wanted to wear something simple, yet stylish and I picked up this fancy saree from a store named Mehek in Mangalore. I love how mesh has made a comeback and the shimmer in the saree gives it a glamorous look. I wore very simple gold jewelry with it that my mum had picked up from Dubai for me, some gold bangles from Jos Alukkas and got curls at the bottom of my hair. Since it was a day event, I kept my makeup light.

My second outfit was a beautiful silk saree that my mom-in-law to be got me from Nalli. She also got me some pretty jewelry from Tanishq. I went for a more traditional look for my second outfit and adorned my hair with some jasmine flowers. I absolutely love this shade of pink. What do you think?

The most challenging part was getting Reshub to pick out his outfits :D And after a lot of visits to Fab India and Manyavar, we picked out a maroon linen kurta from Fab India, a blue kurta from Manyavar and a velvet jacket from Raymonds.

Well, that's all folks. For those of you who are planning on going shopping for your engagement ceremony or any traditional function, don't panic :D Just don't forget to check out the stores I mentioned in this post.

Hand On The Hip

P.S. Tomorrow also happens to be our official second year anniversary :)
P.P.S. He has no idea he has secretly modeled for my blog. So, sshhh :p

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  1. Such a cute cute post!!
    Your second outfit is absolutely gorgeous!
    And the fun part is making the guy pose unknowingly :D

    1. Hahah thank you Krupa :) Completely agree with your third statement!

  2. Oh my god! Firstly congratulations! This is a super adorable post!