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Thursday, 6 July 2017

# Asia Fashion Blogger # Bangalore Fashion Blogger

Brunch ready with Liberent

Hey there, my lovely friends!

Brunch is very popular concept these days. It's just another way to say you're too lazy to wake up early enough for breakfast and you have a reason to start drinking early :D But that's not how the term "brunch" originated. It's basically a combination of breakfast and lunch. That's a no-brainer, right? The English started this whole new era of brunching in the 19th century and it soon became popular in the States by the 30's. And now India is brunching hard!

Dressing appropriately for a brunch sesh could be tricky! You don't wanna look too simple, but you also don't wanna look to flashy for a day event. I was on my way to Bangalore Brewworks the other day and had nothing comfy and cool enough to wear. That's when I got this Van Heusen shift dress from Liberent and was ready to rock brunch with my homies! To make it look extra cool, I wore my purple pumps and earrings and gave the otherwise plain-Jane dress a sexy touch.

And why do I look so angry here? Let's just say I was hangry and I'm definitely not a morning person! :D Have a nice day! And happy brunching!

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