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By Hand On The Hip - 9/02/2017

Hello peeps!

How often have we found ourselves looking for a long lasting pair of leather shoes at Woodland? Isn't Woodland the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to durable footwear? I remember buying my brother a pair of floaters about 10 years ago and it probably still exists in its best shape! However, Woodland usually manufactures footwear and bags that are classy and simple. What if I told you they have now introduced some quirky prints and funky patterns?

So, a couple of weeks ago I happened to stumble upon The Woods On The Go collection that Woodland has recently introduced. Nishchita, from My Black Skirt, had organized an exciting bloggers event at the Woodland store in Indiranagar. It was pouring cats and dogs and I had a tough time getting there on time without being drenched, but I decided to wear my fave palazzos I picked up from Brigade Road with a lace crop top.

While the event started with all the bloggers getting to know each other and bonding over their love for fashion over some delicious cup cakes and snacks, we were eventually given a detailed explanation on how the On The Go collection came into existence. It was definitely a great experience learning about their new collection and how Woodland has started experimenting with colors and patterns.

If you notice their products, from orangish-pink loafers with protruding rubber flowers to innovative checkered heels with zebra prints, they had taken a complete different road altogether. I was super excited to find a lot of their footwear in monochromatic prints since that's one of my all-time faves! Being a huge fan of camouflage prints, I couldn't help but notice a pair of shoes that showcased the perfect blend of creativity and class.

Their men's collection is also worth peeking at. While the usual mindset is to buy Oxfords and Brogues in blacks and browns, how about trying out some greens, blues and purples? Head over to their store right away to see what I am talking about! And last but not least, their bag collection is fantabulous. The goodie bag given to us had a pretty indigo and tan sling bag. I have already used it a couple of times and have been showered with compliments for the same.


I absolutely love how Woodland has suddenly become adventurous with their latest collection. If you wanna catch hold of some footwear and bags with bold prints, yet get a good value for your money, into the woods you should go!

Hand On The Hip

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  1. What is the price range like?? I always felt it was super pricey!

  2. The collection looks absolutely great! Regretting missing the event cause of the rains. :/

  3. I love the colours that they have got into their collection.