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By Hand On The Hip - 9/22/2017

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Navaratri has kicked in and I see everyone talking about what sarees they're going to wear, how they're going to attend pujas and other religious gatherings, how they are planning to decorate their homes with a gazillion dolls, how all my meat eater friends are reluctantly turning veggie for the season and some of them are even fasting and what not. While all these activities are a part of our culture and tradition, how about we deep dive into the actual message that is being delivered via Navaratri?

In different parts of the country, Navaratris is celebrated for different reasons. There are lots of articles on the internet and of course the knowledge your elders would share with you that tell you what exactly Navaratri is all about. It's basically nine forms or incarnations of Goddess Durga or Navadurga celebrated for nine days during this time of the year. But how do we apply these qualities of Goddess Durga in our modern day lives?

We, as women, tend to face a lot more difficulties in life than most men do. Gender stereotyping and anti-feminism is still a concern despite all measures being taken to eradicate them. When you do something worth appreciation, there's always one guy who says, "oh, that's 'cause you're a girl", or when someone's driving horribly, there are so many people assuming it's a woman behind the wheel. While "go make a sandwich" jokes are all over my feed, a woman eating her lunch alone is "target acquired" in the eyes of a man. How do we women withstand all this nonsense? There's not much we can do to change their minds. Let's hope the nine qualities of Goddess Durga help us become carefree.

Shailaputri is believed to ooze purity and devotion. She is the purest embodiment of Durga and the mother of nature. Just like her, we must also aim to be pure from all our hearts and get rid of all evil thoughts that sometimes take over.

Bhramacharini bestows happiness, peace, prosperity upon those who truly deserve it. She is the way to attaining moksha. We must also strive to be happy and ensure that we spread happiness all around us.

Chandraghanta represents peace, tranquility and prosperity in life. She is always alert and ready to battle evil from any direction. Ladies, never say no to help someone or yourself fight against evil.

Kushmanda brings light to the world. She is a symbol of strength and courage. Always have your guard down. The world is cruel and being a strong, independent, brave woman in today's times won't hurt.

Skanda Mata was chosen as the commander-in-chief by the gods every time there was a war against demons. She showcases great leadership qualities. Being a great leader is one of the finest qualities you can have. Work towards it!

Katyayani was born in a fit of rage and anger. But beneath all the fury, lies a calm and peaceful soul, always ready to drive evil away. Channeling your energies towards a cause that will help others benefit is something we all need to start doing.

Kaal Ratri is believed to be both honored and feared. She protects everyone from the dark. Help yourself and help others in need.

Maha Gauri is the epitome of beauty and grace. With her luminous beauty, she washes away all impurities and imparts a deep sense of inner peace. Forgive and forget. Life is too short to have grudges.

Siddhidatri grants wisdom and appeal to those who seek her blessings. She is a true giver of supernatural powers. Learning is constant. Do make an effort to learn from others and play a major role in imparting knowledge and wisdom.

With this I'd like to give all the women in the world all my love and luck. Fear no one, hate no one and give it all you got. Go get them!

Hand On The Hip

P.S. I am wearing a top from Max with printed palazzos I picked from Brigade Road, Bangalore. My shoes are from Street Style Store. Photo credits go to Mahesh Namburi.

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