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By Hand On The Hip - 9/06/2017

Hello there!

Lately I have been trying out a lot of herbal products on myself. What used to be stinky and uncool is now my go-to solution for any hair or skin related problem. When I was little and my grandma used to ask me to apply henna on my scalp, I'd laugh and ridicule her. But now every word she said, every formula she used for her hair and skin are being sold for hundreds and thousands of rupees. And trust me, they are all worth your precious money!

I was born with thick, luscious hair and from the time I moved away from home, all that's left of that hair is a rough patch of strings on my head. Hard water, pollution and unhealthy diet had all destroyed my beautiful hair. Just when I was about to get a super expensive scalp treatment done, I was introduced to Hairbitat. Ideally, I'd be very subtle about writing reviews for hair and skin treatment, but this one's a life saver and I cannot stop raving about it!

My friend Suman (the newly appointed, multi-talented manager for HOTH) and I decided to visit their branch at HSR Layout, Bangalore. We were welcomed with a bunch of beautiful ladies who explained every step of the procedure to us. I was told that since I have dyed hair, this would make the brown in my hair darker and that actually makes me look like I have a different hair color! The stylist also told me that my hair strands are weaker in the middle than they are at the scalp due to dry, frizzy ends and hence they start breaking right at the middle. That was a first!

The treatment started with the application of ginger paste and olive oil on to our scalps. With a pretty brush, she then stroked a thick herbal paste all over our hair and scalp giving us full coverage. The paste smelled like henna, but apparently it's supposed to contain 20 Chinese herbs. I can't explain how soothing it felt! We were served a cup of chrysanthemum tea and after leaving the herbal miracle on for about 45 minutes or so, under steam along with a nice creamy face pack on our faces, the paste was washed off using Be Choo shampoo and conditioner. The beautician also gave us a gentle head massage which was the icing on the cake! My hair was finally blow-dried with a protection serum applied before and after.

Overall, my experience was so awesome that I urged two other friends of mine to try it. They had similar things to say about it! Also, this treatment can be availed by men too :) You could probably take your girlfriend out for spa day and make it a fun thing to do together :D

The aftermath of this treatment? My hair is healthier, thicker and has less hair fall than ever. My scalp that was once itchy and flooded with dandruff is now cleaner. I would need at least 4-5 more sessions until I have my awesome hair back again! You can check out our before and after pics below!

The treatment could cost you anywhere between 1400 to 2000 bucks. And if you love your hair, then it's time for you to fall in love with it!

Hand On The Hip

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