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By Hand On The Hip - 6/04/2018

Hello everyone!

The past one week has been beyond magical. My brother and sister-in-law visited us all the way from Mangalore, India and that gave me and my husband an opportunity to get to know our city better. There are so many interesting spots in Australia that we would've never explored otherwise. On one of the days we stepped out, we decided to walk all the way from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach. I can't put up all of the details here, but do expect a super long post on how I did touristy stuff in my own city super duper soon! But this one teeny tiny detail that is definitely worth sharing right away is this handwoven beauty from SUSU Accessories that accompanied us through our journey.

SUSU Accessories is a fashion brand whose roots are buried deeply in the ancestral art of the indigenous Wayúu culture, living in the state of La Guajira, Colombia. SUSU handmade bags are the union of avant-garde design from SUSU Accessories with the participation of fashion designer Marine Mercieux, and Wayúu tradition. Two languages, intertwined to produce bags endowed with genuine soul and terroir. SUSU products are unique, exclusive and have already gained popularity in countries like South Korea, Thailand, China, the United States, the UK, Spain and Denmark. SUSU supports a process of cultural valorization, knitting together threads, to unite communities.

SUSU sent me this really pretty bag that I can't stop raving about. From "The Light Within" collection, this versatile Crossbody Mochila bag can be used as a cross body or as a shoulder bag. The Mochila is hand knitted half point crochet with hand-woven straps and is 100% fair trade! SUSU means "what travels with you" in the Wayúu language. This SUSU is the perfect accessory to complement any outfit or to make a fashion statement. It costs about 320 USD and they ship worldwide.

I packed all kinds of snacks, water, camera and my purse in this sturdy bag for our mini trip to the beach. The best part about this bag is that it doesn't feel all that heavy. The strap that holds the bag together is quite strong and really user friendly. I love that I can carry this to the beach, to the park, to the grocery story or literally just anywhere. The pop of color it adds to dull outfits is the icing on the cake! It wouldn't be fair if I did not mention Noralis Ipuana who hand-knitted this beautiful bag. I am sure that this bag is going to be a massive part of many more hiking trips and picnics during my time in Australia. Grab yours now!

Hand On The Hip

P.S. To showcase the actual usability and utility of this bag, I decided to not do a formal photoshoot and just go with natural, regular pics shot on my OnePlus 5T :D 

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