What to do on your layover in Singapore

By Hand On The Hip - 6/19/2018

Hey peeps!

If you guys have been following my posts and stories closely, you'll know that on my way to Sydney from India, I had a long layover in Singapore around 3 months ago. I've now come to realize that, for someone like me, even a couple of hours is enough to explore some parts of a city. I am always a fast-paced traveller and while most people prefer to spend more time in a new city, I like jam-packing everything in one or two days. After all, life is short and we all have limited time on this planet! Anyway, I had booked Singapore Airlines to go to Sydney and they had like 10-12 hour layover in Singapore. My college roommate lives in Singapore and this was the perfect opportunity for me to spend some time with her and chill around the city. The best part about Singapore is that they'll let you get out of the airport while transiting without any visa.

I reached Singapore at around 7 in the morning, dumped all of the hand baggage in the baggage storage facility in Changi Airport for a few dollars and waited for my friend to arrive. We took the metro to Marina Bay and that was our first stop. We walked around Marina Bay, walked on the Helix Bridge, chilled by the Merlion, the official mascot of Singapore and took a bazillion pictures there. The temperature was like a 3957 degrees! Unfortunately, I was in a sweater and it was such a terrible idea!

Our next stop was Chinatown! I just HAD TO change into something more comfy before I melted away. And of course, I was broke, unemployed and did not have any money to spare, so my friend took me to Chinatown. Every city has a Chinatown where you get souvenirs and food and everything for dirt cheap prices. I picked up a $2 "I Love Singapore" tee and phew, that was such a life saver! We had some beers and Thai food at a Thai restaurant and chit-chatted about the good ol' days.

After some beers and a crazy heavy lunch, my friend took me to Clarke Quay. Since I would have not been able to enjoy the nightlife there, we just walked around a little bit and sat by the side of the river. Clarke Quay is basically a riverside quay in Singapore that's known for a variety of activities like the river cruise, restaurants and cafes, museums and spots of historical importance etc. We chilled there for some time and then left for the airport.

There are a lot of things on my Singapore bucket list which I shall probably fulfill on my next trip like Sentosa, some zoo that we almost went to and of course, the nightlife! Hopefully, on my way back to Sydney this time, I should be able to spend a little more time in Singapore than last time.

Hand On The Hip

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