Bling baby bling with LibeRent!

By Hand On The Hip - 9/10/2016


It's my favorite day of the week! Yusss.. SATURDAY! So what should I wear tonight? Something glittery? Let me quickly do a postmortem on bling culture and everything that glitters.

So the term "bling" was coined by Jamaican folks which was soon introduced by African American rappers in the pop culture. A few years ago, the very thought of wearing something gold or silver was considered too flashy and not meant for common man and woman. But today, the trend be spreading like wildfire!

As you must know already, I need some bling in my life! And silver is one of my favorite colors! Can anyone pull it off? Absolutely! Just don't overdo it. Use the right amount of bling in your outfit.

LibeRent gave me a chance to flaunt this beautiful silver dress from their collection which is absolutely perfect for Saturday night!

Photo credits - KSlenscapes
Outfit - LibeRent
Shoes - Catwalk

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Hand On The Hip

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