Take the world and paint it red!

By Hand On The Hip - 9/16/2016

Hey guys!

Friday night it's party time, feelin' ready lookin' fine, viene diego rumbeando! Haha! Don't bother! Just remembered this Las Ketchup song from my school days. Speaking of Fridays, the week has been pretty short, thanks to the riots that's been driving Bangalore crazy the past week! So, it's finally time to put on those dancing shoes and get your red dress on tonight!

As you guys know about my collaboration with Candidknots, an amazing portal to rent clothes, I thought I should sizzle the dance floor tonight with this suave red dress. It comes with a gold belt and to jazz it up, I added this long copper neckpiece and metallic flats.

What are the benefits of wearing red? Red is a powerful color! Red is bold. Red is power. In India, red is an auspicious color and hence the bride is draped in a red saree or lehenga. The Chinese use red envelopes to give cash gifts, showering good luck, happiness and prosperity on the recipient. If you have an important client meeting, make sure you wear red. Red is a warm color. It could be a little intimidating if you overdo it. But as long as you have used the right amount of red in your outfit, you can conquer the world! 

Photo credits - Pixelshooter

Got my red dress on tonight
Let's set the dance floor on fire!
Are you red-dy? :D
Yes, I am the queen!
Take me away!
See you next week! Until then, paint the town red!

Hand On The Hip

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