Life is peachy!

By Hand On The Hip - 9/22/2016

Hello everyone!

How many of you love shopping? I'm sure all of you do. You probably wouldn't be reading my blog otherwise. When I binge shop, I tend to buy a lot of really random things and almost always end up with nothing that goes with it. So I have to either shop more or just not wear it. For instance, I got this amazingly cute pair of green stilettos a few years ago, but I don't know what I could wear it with. Every morning when I go through my wardrobe and pick up something to wear, I am always confused if it's office appropriate or not. It gets a little tricky for working women to experiment.

Sometimes I wish I had my own personal stylist. And guess what? I found my Fairy Godmother! As I mentioned earlier on Instagram, I collaborated with Zuplr a few weeks ago and I cannot wait to tell you guys about my experience!

Zuplr is this amazing portal that picks out clothes for you based on your taste. In short, it's like having a personal stylist on your phone. So, you fill out a basic questionnaire based on the kind of look you want the stylists to curate. Based on your requirements, they will send you some clothes that might be useful for you. You can keep what you like and send the rest back! It's reasonably priced and the clothes are of good brands!

Today I am going to tell you all about my first look. Zuplr sent me this chiffon peach top that I could wear to office or parties or probably even to the beach. I wore this with basic navy blue denims, some chunky ear-rings and silver pumps. I absolutely love the back of this top. It's got golden beads that look so so sexy! But you can wear a jacket on top of it if you think that's not office appropriate.

These amazing pictures were taken by the awesome duo Hari and Sreedeep from Flink Photography. Do not forget to check out their page!

Photo credits - Flink Photos

Your smile is your weapon!
Layers of love!
Some green and some gray!
She's bringin' sexy back!
Can't remember to forget!
Evil laugh?
Angelic smile?
So coy!
Look for the girl with a broken smile
Faith: A living and unshakable confidence
If you are confident, you are beautiful.
And a tinge of red makes everything better!
Nothing stopped her!
Well, life is peachy!
Hope you liked my post!

Hand On The Hip

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