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By Hand On The Hip - 9/02/2016


Have I told you about this fragrance fetish that I've had for years now? I absolutely cannot leave my house without my perfume or deo! And when someone around me is emitting bad odour, it drives me crazy! When in India, it is only natural for someone to perspire because of the harsh weather and the pollution. Also, sometimes while you're on the road or you have tonnes of things to carry, you tend to forget your spray at home. That's why I decided to talk about some mini affordable perfumes I love that you can always carry in your wallet or handbag!

Product # 1: So..?
So...? has this amazing range of mini perfumes that you could carry in your sock. They are so tiny and they smell amazing! They have a variety of flavors. Now I am not sure if you get them in India, but if you get a chance to go to UK or if you have friends there, then you should go for it! It could cost you hardly 400 to 500 INR for a set of three perfumes.

Product # 2: Flower by Kenzo
This perfume has a really cute bottle. They come in different sizes. The tiny ones could cost you less than a  grand. And good news, they are available in India!

Product # 3: Calvin Klein Eternity
Now this product could be a little expensive, but the smell is soooo gooood! It lasts long.. and hey, its CK! So I guess everyone should have one of these babies in their collection!

Product # 4: Daivdoff Cool Water
How could I miss Davidoff Cool Water spray when I am talking about perfumes? These might cost you a grand or a little more, but they are totally worth it. You can carry them in your toilet kit and trust me, they could last for years! 

Product # 5: Revlon Charlie
A lot of people haven't really used this perfume, but it smells amazing! Revlon's Charlie comes in a variety of flavors and it should cost you less than 400 bucks for a 100 ml bottle. I have been using this since I was a teenager and I still have a couple of these left from decades ago!

I hope you guys thought this post was informative. Always make sure that you carry a roll-on or a spray in your purse because you do not want to create a bad impression on others just because you perspire. Better safe than sorry!

Hand On The Hip

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