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By Hand On The Hip - 10/28/2016

Hello guys!

Between my day job and shoots, I completely forgot about my Euro Trip series. So where were we? I met my friends in Dubai and as planned, we landed in Prague, Czech Republic. It's about 6 hours by air from Dubai. We had already booked the airport pick-up service, so all we had to do is find the cab and we reached our hostel in no time. The cab service cost us 5 Euros (1 Euro = approx. 76 INR) per person. I hope you don't mind the pics that we shot using our phone cameras. Since this is not a travel blog, I won't be posting too many pictures of buildings and nature and all that jazz.

For almost all the hostel bookings we used Booking and HostelWorld. We stayed in this really cosy hostel called Little Quarter in Old Town, Prague. The best part was we did not have to hunt for currency exchange services as the hostel folks gave us the best rate i.e. 1 Euro = 27 Czech Crown. The hostel must have cost us around 12 Euros per night per person. Little Quarter exceeded our expectations! Their rooms and bathrooms are ridiculously clean and the bunk beds were unbelievably comfortable!

Tip of the day ~ So there are two things you absolutely need to carry while you go to the old town of any country in Europe - a pair of comfortable sneakers and a jacket. The entire pathway is made of cobble stone and the weather is quite chilly. Although the trams and cabs are quite reliable, we decided to walk everywhere! Unless you want sore feet and want to freeze to death, I think it's a good idea to get your gear on :D

Day 1:

We spent 2 nights and 2 days in Prague in the beginning of the trip and on our way back (as we flew back to Dubai from Prague), we spent a night there. As soon as we landed, we just walked around the touristy area and pampered ourselves with some delicious pizza and Cezch beer. Now when you are in Czech Republic, you definitely have to try the Czech beer! My non-vegetarian friends had a blast, but as for me, it wasn't too bad either! I ate some amazing cheese pizza with Broccoli.

We were quite tired, but we did not want to waste any time sleeping. So we walked to Charles Bridge and witnessed some live music, art and food. Cinnabon is really popular and we had some with gelato. We walked towards the Old Town Square and checked out the Astronomical Clock and joined a pub crawl group for the night that took us to 5 different clubs all over Prague.

What I wore ~ I refused to take my white Puma sneakers and my ripped distressed faded denims from Max off as it was too cold to change! I wore a casual neon tank top and a cute skull cap I picked up from Max (Unfortunately it doesn't cover my ears, so my 1 year old nephew is going to get a new present! :D) and completed the look with some heavy super-stay lipstick from Fetish.

Day 2:

The next day was all about sight-seeing! We started our expedition by walking to St. Nicholas Church in the Lesser Town. As we lived very close to the Prague Castle, we walked to the Castle (After spending hours together walking at least 10-12 kms the previous night, we got used to the cobble stone!) after a round of some delicious breakfast at one of the cafes around. We were mind-blown with the intricate detailing that went into the architecture of the entire castle! 

We were audience to some super talented musicians (Josef Kocurek and the Prague Castle Musicians, Bohemian Bards - videos that I took will be up on my YouTube channel very soon, but for now please enjoy these :D) who performed around the castle while our taste buds enjoyed some sausages and boiled veggies in my case outside the castle followed by some creamy gelato.

Our next stop was the Infant Jesus Church where we were stunned by the beauty of the church and picked up some holy water and souvenirs. We walked to the Lennon Wall after that where we had a massive photo session! :D This wall is full of Lennon-inspired graffiti and some lyrics from the Beatles' songs. We spent the night walking around and just chilling in our hostel as we had to leave to Munich the next morning.

What I wore ~ I had gotten used to the weather, so I wore some comfy green shorts with a grey tee I borrowed from my friend. To add some brightness to the outfit, I wore my Desigual running shoes and some reflectors from Ray Ban.

Day 3:

We were back to Prague after visiting a lot of places in Europe (You will know soon!) and yes, we were murderously exhausted! But this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we were back at Little Quarter for the last leg of the trip. We went to the nearest supermarket and picked up some Becherovka (A small bottle of this sweet poison should not cost you more than 600 INR! Oh yes, we did pick some up at duty-free on our way back :D) and some Czech beer. Becherovka is a herbal drink which is used as a digestive aid and it is one of the national drinks of Prague. We headed to Karlovy Lazne, which is one of the biggest clubs in Central Europe and partied like there's no tomorrow! It had five floors playing all kinds of music and the entry was like 200 Crowns per person (approx. 600 INR! Yes, that cheap!). Finally when I was left with 500 Crowns, I got some souvenirs for my friends and family.

What I wore ~ All the cold had sucked my energy and I wore the only denims I had carried with a black tank top and a white chiffon shirt and of course, my white sneakers.

So that was Praha for you guys! We took off the next day (Don't ask me how bad the hangover was!) and in no time, I was home! :D I still cannot believe that the trip is over, but my Euro Trip series has just begun! So, to sum it up, I must have spent around 60-70 Euros in Prague. That is about 5-6K INR! Ain't that amazing?

Hand On The Hip

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