Be you, the world will adjust!

By Hand On The Hip - 10/11/2016

Hello people!

After a big, fat holiday in Europe and some colourful Dushera celebrations, it is time to get back to office now :( I am stuck between my joyous holiday clothes and my blingy Indian ethnic wear. I have absolutely nothing to wear to work! But thanks to Zuplr, my go-to personal stylist, I had the chance to experiment!

What I like best about Zuplr is that they understand my needs so well! I love experimenting, but when I am at work, I prefer maintaining a particular kind of subtlety and sophistication. Zuplr sent me these red silk trousers and a white sleeveless shirt to go with it.

I love how the shirt is like a crop shirt and looks really chic, while the trousers add color to the outfit. I am sure most of us do not like to wear such loud colors to work, but I think it looks really classy. Women of today need not worry about what others think. You need to be yourself and Zuplr is going to help you find out who you are!

Photo credits - Flink Photos

Have a great time!

Hand On The Hip

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