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By Hand On The Hip - 11/06/2016


On the third morning of our trip, we woke up at 6:00 am to get ready and leave for Germany. After spending two days in Prague, we had planned to spend a day at Munich exclusively for the Oktoberfest! But hell froze over as we witnessed one disaster after another. We had booked bus tickets on Flix Bus (very reliable and affordable! Prague to Munich was around 10-15 Euros), but I forgot my print-outs and a friend forgot to print-out the QR code for her's, HostelWorld screwed us over by cancelling our hotel bookings for no reason whatsoever, the Uber cab we had booked to the bus stop cancelled as well! The worst part was, there was so much negative energy from a lot of people who told us that there was no way we'd get entry to Oktoberfest! But we did not give up! Shun the non-believer, right? :D

We booked another Uber and reached the bus stop well in advance to grab some food from the supermarket. We managed to take screenshots of the QR code and the tickets and hopped on to the bus. Once we got on to the bus, I found vacancy in a cheaper and a better hotel called Hotel Galleria, which I booked immediately! The room cost us 2000 INR per person, while the one that got cancelled was about 4000 INR!

The bus journey was quite comfortable. We reached the hotel at around 3:00 pm and the room was really cozy. But we had to rush to the Oktoberfest! Why is Oktoberfest celebrated? Back in 1810, Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese and the entire city was invited to celebrate their holy matrimony. The folks loved it so much that they continued to celebrate every year!

We took a train to the venue and we were stunned to see what we saw! Amusement rides, pizzas, sausages, beer, pretzels, candy and so much more - all in one place! We grabbed some food and decided to head to one of the tents. Although the place was packed, a little bit of convincing here and there not only got us a table but also tonnes of new friends! Two liters of beer was as cheap as 10 Euros (750 INR!) and the quality of beer was spectacular! There was live music, hundreds and thousands of people in traditional Bavarian outfits and a lot dancing! We learnt a German song or two. Ein Prosit is one of my faves!

What I wore ~ For the Okatoberfest, I wore a crop top from Bombay Paisley with a tank top inside, a pair of blue denim shorts, my Desigual sneakers and some silver ear-rings. The following day, I wore a casual gray tee with gray leggings and my white Puma sneakers.

At around 11:00 pm we were back in the hotel, ready to hit the hay for the next leg! Unfortunately I don't think it's a wise idea to share all the pics from the tent :p You can find some of them on my Instagram.

So, overall a good 50-60 Euros was spent, I suppose.

Guten Tag!

Hand On The Hip

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