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By Hand On The Hip - 11/21/2016

Hello, hello, hello!

We all like to be bold, go goth, wear them chokers once in a while and spit out some rage. Chokers, for one, are really in this season. I recently went on a haul with Zaful and got some of the things that I have been eyeing for quite sometime now. So what is this look all about? I have put together some must-haves for every girl that likes to play with the latest trends. Although, these are all basics you should own, when put together, they rock your socks!

Off-shoulder denim top
I am a big fan of off-shoulders and col shoulder tops! When I found these in denims with some delicate lace at the bottom, it was true love. One would think this is a very girly top, but you can do so much with this! The top is from Zaful.

Ripped leggings
We have already been doing the ripped denims thingy for a long time now. How about ripping those boring black leggings too? I love how chic they look! These are from Zaful as well, but you could probably DIY these leggings.

Choker and black wrist bands
It's time to fill your jewelry boxes with chokers of different colors, sizes and materials. Chokers look so trendy and I got these from a local fancy store. The black wrist bands I am wearing are something I used to wear all the time back in school and college. I like how they go with any outfit.

White sneakers
I don't even need to get started with how crazily in demand these sneakers are today. If you are a brand freak, then you should definitely pick up Adidas Superstars or the ones I have from Puma. But if you want these plain ones, then you can get them from Street Style Store. Now these guys aren't the best folks when it comes to quality or timely delivery, but they have some cool stuff for reasonable prices.

Photo credits - KS Lenscapes

My make-up, as always, was light and my lips were red. But when I put all of these together, I was surprised how amazing they made me look. If you agree, then make your purchases now!

Hand On The Hip

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