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By Hand On The Hip - 11/26/2016


What's the best part of being a fashion blogger? Free stuff? Fame? Glory? Nope! You are constantly exposed to amazing people! And I was overwhelmed last month, I met some wonderful girls at a meet up hosted by Zapyle. Not only did we speak about the diversity in out styles, but we also figured we have one thing in common - our love for fashion! We collaborated for our very first shoot last month and the theme was "Black and White". I am sure this post has been long overdue, so what better day than a boring Saturday to share a thing or two about these lovely ladies.

The Perky Princess
Meghna from All That's Fancy, with her big light colored eyes and luscious light colored hair, she can woo anyone! She has a very simple yet eye-catching style and can fascinate anyone with her attire. She believes in fast fashion and is a Wooplrista. She loves shopping and loves to blog about fashion and make-up products. Meghna decided to wear a simple white tube top with her blue denims and to add some black to the outfit, she wore a long tunic shrug, black pumps and a black choker. Don't forget to check her blog for some everyday fashion!

The Sexy Scientist
Shivani from The Velvet Radio is an inspirational icon in the fashion blogging world. Now why I call her a scientist is because she is constantly experimenting with fashion. Creativity just oozes out of her and you can see that here how she paired an Iron Maiden hoodie with some ethnic dupatta and jewelry. Music and fashion are her biggest passions in life. Do check out her blog and you will be amazed to see what all one can do with fashion and styling.

The Bad-ass Beauty
Kruti from The Red Lip Rover is a kick-ass biker chick who has her own bad-ass persona that can make anyone go gaga over her. Her style seems to be a bit of everything, although she personally likes street style. She goes that extra mile to ensure that she stays super fit. Yup, you can see that from her pictures here! She wore a tank top and some track pants and a cozy jacket to complete the look. She is obsessed with her dog and for more, you need to navigate to her blog!

The Slender Sweetheart
Sushmitha from High On Stilettos is always full of life and as the name of her blog suggests, she is always high on stilettos or rather, fashion. She is always in sync with the latest trends and classy is the word I would use to define her style. Her model-like figure and oodles of grace she possesses is going to take her places. Here she wore a simple white top with black pants and to add some color, she wore blue pumps and a silver clutch. Make sure you visit her blog to see what else she is capable of.

The Bubbly Belle
Urvashi is not a fashion blogger yet, but hopefully, very soon, she will be. But as of now, she is a major fashion enthusiast and is all about street style. She works closely with The Velvet Radio team and you can see how she's creative with her style too. She wore this embroidered kurti with a pair of white sneakers and yet she rocks this look! You can follow her on her instagram at @urvashianand.

And of course, there's me! :D Here's a sneak peak of what I wore to this shoot. You will have to wait a bit longer for a full post on my outfit for this fun shoot with my girl squad! Stay tuned!

Photo credits - Arjun Shaw

Most of you might wonder how we work together and don't see each other as competition. Well, we believe is helping each other grow. Girls compete with each other while women empower one another. And on that note, sayonara!

Hand On The Hip

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