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By Hand On The Hip - 11/30/2016

Hello everyone!

Euro Trip Series is back again! Our next stop was Salzburg, Austria. I am a major fan of The Sound Of Music. And landing in Salzburg and visiting all the places where the movie was show was a dream come true! So after spending a night in Munich, we took a train to Salzburg the following morning. The train tickets were somewhere between 10-20 Euros.

We reached Salzburg in a couple of hours and we checked in to our hotel. We stayed at the Meininger Hotel and it cost us around 16 Euros per person for 2 days. Most of our plans were impromptu and we decided to do the same in Austria.

We spent the first day walking around in Salzburg. Although the weather was getting worse by the day, the city was beautiful! The Sound Of Music tour is a must for all you Maria fans out there! Unfortunately we missed the tour and decided to visit some of the places where the movie was shot on our own. I was involuntarily singing all the songs from The Sound Of Music as we were walking. We went to Mirabell Garden and danced around the fountain. We walked across the Makartsteg Bridge and eventually took the tram to the Hohensalzburg Fortress. The city shuts by 6 pm and by now it had started pouring! However we made it to the top and went a Mozart concert. It was breathtaking! This cost us around 40 Euros and was worth every penny! We stopped by at an Italian restaurant for dinner and then headed home early because we had some kick-ass things planned for the next day!

We woke up at 6:00 am and left the hotel, walked till the nearest train station, took a train to another train station and boarded the train that took us to Werfen. Well, Werfen has an ice cave exploration trek. We purchased the tickets to the ice caves, walked up to the caves and went for the guided tour of the cave. It was magnificent! It was minus six degrees inside the ice caves and had over thousand slippery steps, but the experience was incredible! We trekked back, went back to the train station and got back to the hotel and took off for the next destination. Overall, we must have spent around 50-70 Euros that day. Salzburg or Austria in general is a very expensive city and has a crowd of classy people. The language spoken is German and the beauty of the city lies in it's history and culture.

That's all folks! So long, farewell, auf wiedershen, goodbye! :D

Hand On The Hip

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