3 Simple, Holistic Beauty Tips That Can Improve Your Looks Without Side Effects

By Hand On The Hip - 5/01/2017

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We all want to look our best, and the beauty industry is more than eager to give us a hand in
achieving that aim, in exchange for a tidy chunk of change, of course.

More than ever before, different makeups, potions, outfits, tools, and procedures are
available at a moment’s notice for our cosmetic use. While it can be great, fun, effective,
and uplifting to use these different products and devices, however, it’s worth keeping in
mind that conventional beauty products come with various risks and downsides, including
unexpected irritations and reactions as a result of artificial compounds included in the
products themselves.

Or, for that matter, environmental issues which occur as a result of the production and use
of those products.

For those reasons, it’s good to keep in mind the benefits of simple, holistic beauty tips and
techniques. Here are a few to consider.

Stay properly hydrated

Dehydration causes various problems in the body, including inhibiting the proper function
of various organs, and causing skin to become excessively oily and irritated.

A common suggestion for people who want to figure out
how to get rid of chapped lips without chapstick is to ensure that they are properly hydrated.

To cut a long story short, being properly hydrated means that you feel be healthier,
and look better, simultaneously. Your skin will have more of a wholesome glow, and will
be clearer, among other things.

Keep in mind, though, that “proper hydration” isn’t just a matter of drinking lots of water.
In fact, being overly zealous in your water drinking can flush out essential electrolytes
from your body and result in the condition known as hyponatremia, which can even result
in death.

Drink plenty of water, but be sure you’re also getting a reasonable amount of salt and other
electrolyte sources in your diet.

Eat more plants

In recent times, the benefits of a plant-rich diet have increasingly been shouted from the
rooftops, to all who would care to listen. New research comes out on a virtually daily basis,
underlining the benefits of a plant-rich diet for health and wellbeing.

But you don’t need to commit to going all-out vegan in order to enjoy these benefits. Simply
ensuring that you get more leafy greens in your diet can improve your blood circulation and
improve the quality of your skin. Reducing your fat intake somewhat in addition to adding
more plants to your diet can reduce the oiliness of both skin and hair.

Get enough sleep

The phrase “getting your beauty sleep” isn’t just an empty saying from yesteryear;
increasingly, research finds that the amount of sleep we get influences our health on all
sorts of different dimensions. And our looks are included in that as well.

Sleep researcher and neuroscientist Matthew Walker, writing in his bestselling book,
Why We Sleep”, has commented on the fact that people who get more sleep at night
routinely enjoy a healthier weight, clearer skin, fewer allergies and medical conditions,
and avoid many of the classic hallmarks of sleep deprivation — like bloodshot eyes.

Just getting enough sleep each night can radically transform how you look from one day to
the next.

P.S. This post is a collaborative post and not written by Hand On The Hip.

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