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By Hand On The Hip - 5/08/2017

Hello peeps!

As you all know from my Instagram posts and stories, I spent two weeks in the US of A and had so much fun that I can't even tell you! Obviously, I have plans of doing city-wise posts and YouTube vids, but for now, I thought I should just show you guys all the stuff that I bought from the US. Yay! Isn't that exciting? Not so much for my pockets :D But I still managed to find stuff that were budget friendly! :D

1. Stockings/Tights from H&M, San Francisco
As I was freezing in the cold, I picked up these tights (two pairs) for about $7 and although they tore after one use, they did serve the purpose. However I would not recommend this. Forever21 probably has better quality stuff.

2) Maya Reyes sling bag from SFO
I found this one on sale for $15 or $20 or so and thought this would make a great gift for my Bhabhi dearest! I love the shade of this bag and also how handy it could be.

3) Some more goodies from Target, San Antonio
Target has been my most fave brand since I was little. I love the quality of their products. I found this cute little pouch only for $3 and had to pick it up because it had my favorite Aztec print and pom poms! I picked up some more cute things for $7-$10 each as gifts. I found this gorgeous looking candle smells amazing when opened. I got a couple of printed scarves for my girls back home. I also bought these absolutely adorable nail paints for myself that I cannot wait to use! Just look at the colors, I mean, just look at them! *drool drool*

4) Hair Straightener from Target, San Antonio
My hair went bizarre after a few hours of landing in California. When I found this compact, fun-sized hair straightener from Conair, I knew I had to have it. I spent about $15-$20 on this. It seemed to be better than the Philips one I own. Definitely a big plus one for this cutie!

5) Shot glasses from Paris, Las Vegas and Fremont Street, Las Vegas
Shot glasses are the best souvenirs! They have a purpose and they look cool! And if you are one of those people who like collecting shot glasses, then I got some pretty awesome ones! The one in red was a gift from my bff. She must have paid around $7-$10 for this one. I picked up a few for my friends and they were around the same price. Obviously, the one that says "Game Over" is for my fiancé :D

6) Soaps from a local store in Las Vegas
I found these Eco Botanics soap made of Chamomile and Honey for $2 a piece or something. I went crazy a bit and picked up lots of them! They are beyond amazing!

7) A beautiful gift
One of my loved ones gave me this delicate piece of work that I can't stop obsessing over. She also threw in these Toblerone bars that I AM NOT GOING TO SHARE :D

8) A crop top from Fremont Street, Las Vegas, a velvet top from H&M and a sweater/cardigan from a local store, Santa Barbara
My bestie and I got matching crop tops from Fremont Street and they were as cheap as $2 (pics on Instagram). We wore them with pride and celebrated my bachelorette! A couple of days later, I picked up this awesome velvet top from H&M that I cannot wait to style! This was probably $10 as it was on sale. As I was dying in the cold, I found a rack of clothes in State Street, Santa Barbara where I picked this off-white softie up for $5. I love the sleeves and how it feels against my skin.

9) Cheap eye make-up from a 99 cent store, Long Beach
Long Beach has a lot of cheap stores. Even the McD's at Long Beach was way cheaper than anywhere else. Out of curiosity, I bought these eye pencils and eye shadow palette for a dollar or two each. They are super awesome for the price!

10) MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina Display from Best Buy, San Jose
And did you think that a shot glass was all my bae was going to get? He wanted a new Mac and don't be surprised if I am on a shopping ban for the next year or so :D Considering I spent a bomb on the entire trip and an additional $1500 or so on the Mac (Beware! California has a 9% tax!), let's just say that I am not very happy with my bank balance right now :D But, anything for bae, right? :)

So, that's it for now, guys. I was left with $4 and loads of credit card bills to pay by the end of 2 weeks. But I made great use of my money and time. More updates to follow. Stay tuned! Tada!

Hand On The Hip

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  1. That is a lot of things! But shopping abroad is always like that :D

  2. Omg! I see incredible stuff! Bank balance will grow but a trip like this rarely happens! :)

  3. That's SO MUCH shopping!!! Love the clothes & the eye-shadow palette!

  4. Love that sling bag and so many other things! Such a great haul <3

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. That's a great haul! and Macbook <3

  7. Its always about the memories and shopping in US is so much fun anyway!

  8. Shopping is a girl best friend.