Teenage bloopers - a guide to what not to do as a teenager!

By Hand On The Hip - 5/31/2017

Hey guys!

Every fashion blog these days focus on promoting brands and talk about what you need to apply to your skin for a better glow, what you need to wear when and how etc. I thought I should enlighten you pretty girls out there on what one should not do as a teenager or a young adolescent woman trying hard to look good! From my personal experience, I have committed so many blunders trying to change or better the way I look. And trust me, if I could go back in time, I would smack myself in the head and talk me out of doing these things I did growing up! If you are as crazy as I was back in the day, you should deffo read this!

1. Do not get your eyebrows done when you're still a prepubescent child!
I was born with extremely thick eyebrows. Ideally I should not have cared much, but when you are a top to bottom girls convent material, you are under a lot of pressure to look good! I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time when I was 20? Nope! 16? Nope! 13? Yes! I was done with 7th grade and I somehow managed to convince my mum that I needed to get my eyebrows done! It was a bad idea - mainly because since then, I have had to get them done every two weeks! So, kids - please wait till you're 16 or something before you make this decision.

2. Do not try to create hot wax at home!
A friend of mine from high school once told me that I could get rid of all of body hair just by sitting at home. What she did not tell me was that I should not be attempting things that involved fire without adult supervision! So with no prior experience in cooking or using the gas stove, I decided to create this mixture of some lemon water and sugar and heat it. You won't believe what happened next! There was fire coming out of the vessel! Panic stricken, teenage me used a blanket to put off the flames and threw the damn burnt vessel away before my parents could ever find out what happened in the kitchen. I should have just stopped there, but no! I tried to create hot wax again. This time I was successful and the wax looked pretty good. What I did not realize was how hot it would actually be. The instant I spread it across my arms using a knife, my skin was brutally burnt! So, kids - do not try this at home! Like ever!

3. Do not try to use an iron box to straighten your hair!
I was born with super straight and super silky hair. It's a shame that I screwed it up by trying to make it even more straight than it already was! So, all of us or most of us seem to have baby hair creeping up from the topmost portion of our foreheads. What I did not understand was that I wasn't the only one with this problem. In early 2000, straightening irons were either too expensive or not available in India and I figured I could just use my iron box and get rid of the curls. Little did I know that the heat of the iron box and the heat of a straightening iron was not the same. As expected, I burnt a portion of my hair right at the center and if you see some of my pictures, it's still very much visible!

4. Do not cut your fringe if you're not good at cutting!
There was a time when everyone got a fringe and got these cool bangs and stuff, but parlors can be expensive when you're still a student. I was in college and desperately wanted a fringe! But why would I spend 200 bucks to cute a tiny portion of my hair, right? So I decided to use the only pair of scissors I could find, which was as blunt as it could get and snipped a portion of my hair. Aaaaagh! I was in shock! The fringe was completely out of sync and was way shorter than it should have been. But it's just hair and I had to wait for a few months for it to grow back!

5. Do not use excessive turmeric on your face!
Our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers have all been a big fan of the classic turmeric face pack. While turmeric has a gazillion benefits for your skin, one should also remember how powerful the color content in turmeric is. When I was a teenager, I decided to apply turmeric all over my face and body to get that much talked about glow. But no one told me that I did not need to use the entire damn packet! Well, as predicted, I looked like one of the characters from the Simpsons for a couple of days till I managed to get all the yellow off my skin.

So, kids, I hope you learnt something today. I have so many more interesting stories to share! I might wanna wait a couple more months before I decide to let you guys in on my secrets.

Stay safe! Do not try crazy things at home! :D

Hand On The Hip

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  1. he he he.. I cannot believe that you got your eyebrows done at 13!!! I got mine done for the first time at 24!! :D

  2. This was scary and totally entertaining read. �� Keep writing.

  3. I totally agree on the eyebrows point! Hope teenagers out there are reading all these points!

  4. It's funny how you tried all this at such a young age 🙈 I never did any of these things without my moms approval

  5. It was so much to read this! I've done the iron thing too during my hostel days and totally second everything you said. Never try it on your hair!