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By Hand On The Hip - 5/14/2017

Hello fashionistas!

While I've had a very fulfilling trip to SoCal and you will be updated soon with all the crazy shenanigans with my usual travel posts, I dug this one up to brighten up your Monday with this electric blue dress I rented from Flyrobe. We all know that Flyrobe is one of the best rentals out there and if you're a blogger Nazi like I am, you would have seen that from Akriti (La Chica Loca) to Aswathi, all the hipster bloggers out there are all renting clothes from Flyrobe like it's nobody's business!

My week has been rather slow, thanks to jet lag and withdrawal symptoms. I haven't gotten out much last week. While gym, shoots and partying have all been on hold, I decided that this week I should turn things around. How do you motivate yourself to be more productive? What are your drivers? Money? Fame? Helping others? Well, for me, I am easily motivated by appreciation from others. It's quite satisfying when your efforts are being noticed and acknowledged. Are you having a crazy day at work? Here are some pointers that I wish to share -
  • COFFEE! LOTS OF IT! I mean, I can't imagine my day without some caffeine. Coffee is the perfect remedy if you are drowsy or need a stimulant to be alert. But at the same time, too much of it could cause insomnia!
  • Plan your work and work your plan. I am a big fan of post-its! When I have a lot of things to do, I always make lists. And checking things off the list actually satisfies me in ways nothing can!
  • Dress to kill! Most people don't understand the importance of dressing up nicely and taking a shower everyday before going to work. A cold shower helps you wake up and if you make an effort to look good, you feel food. Some compliments pouring in from colleagues can actually brighten up your day!
  • FOCUS! PRIORITIZE! These are not just words! You need to make a priority list and set timelines for each of your tasks. Don't forget to also complete those tasks and not just spend your time making lists all day :D
  • Eat well, sleep well and drink lots of water. A healthy body is one of the quintessential things for a productive day. Don't neglect your health, ever!
I hope you follow these today! And about the dress - when I set my eyes on this piece, I knew I had to try it on! I can't even stop raving about the color for starters! It's such a bold, yet soothing blue that you could totally wear to cocktail parties or just a day out in the park. I got these cutesy earrings from them too. My bling shoes from Catwalk and a clutch from Bulchee and I was all set to go dancing! Gold and silver - bad combo? I don't think so! Gone are the days when you had to ensure that everything you wear should be matchy-matchy or color co-ordinated. This era is all about experimenting with colors, patterns, prints and pretzels. Did I just say pretzels? Clearly, I'm hungry! I should definitely get going :D But, although I'm old school and still new to trying out new things, if you think you are that person who doesn't give a s*** to what others think, then go right ahead and create something magical!

Photo credits - Purni Photography

On that note, I am going to go grab a cup of coffee from the pantry and stop being a lazy bum and actually work towards creating a better version of me. May your Mondays be short and coffee be strong!

Hand On The Hip

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  1. I love to do lists as well!! I keep writing them :D

  2. I am seeing cobalt blue everywhere these days. The color looks fab on you!

  3. That colour is beautiful! The electric blue can be a great pop of colour too! Stunning!

  4. Some very good points! This color is definitely having a moment right now.

  5. That's such a lovely color...looks great on you! And all your pointers are on point! ;)

  6. This is such a pretty colour on you! Fellow coffee lover here :)

  7. agree to your point of taking a shower before stepping out, so many people don't know the importance of this.

  8. Looking awesome! Can you share me some beauty and hair care tips for this summer season?

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