A linen love affair

By Hand On The Hip - 10/01/2017

Hey there!

I cannot believe that Navaratri is actually over! I mean, back in school when we'd be waiting at the edge of our benches for our class teachers to announce the Dushera holidays, the one week we'd get off from carrying 20 kgs of books on our backs would be the most awaited holidays of all times. It would be long enough for us to get that much needed break after the mid-terms and short enough for us to not get bored and miss our friends. On that note, Happy Dushera! I spent my time with family and also doing all kinds of touristy things in my hometown as I had a special visitor.

Now that Navaratri is done and dusted, I won't need any ethnic wear for a long time. WRONG! Today is Gandhi Jayanti and in a couple of weeks, we'll all be lighting our homes with diyas for Deepavali. Let's not forget the fact that some of us are soon-to-be brides and we need to have ethnic wear lying around in every nook and corner. As I am the newly appointed (self-proclaimed) and probably the only poster girl for D'art Creations (you'll know if you followed me on Insta), it only seems fair to talk about their fabulous linen collection every once in a while.

Just to brief you guys up a bit, linen is created using flax plant that comes from China. This fabric helps absorb sweat and helps your skin breathe. Although it's slightly more expensive than regular cotton, it lasts longer and is definitely more comfortable. D'art Creations has kurtis in different colors that you could experiment with, wear to work or social gatherings and is suitable for women of all age groups. They are so classy that the moment I wore them, I went through a transformation - from a girl to a woman! Do pay them a visit at Banaswadi, Bangalore.

I personally am a huge fan of linen. I am sure you will love it too!

Hand On The Hip

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  1. This is a great outfit!! I really need to check out this place when I come to Bangalore next time.