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By Hand On The Hip - 10/23/2017


When we were kids and our grandmothers used to chase us with henna for our hair or shikakai for our bodies, we'd absolutely feel tortured. When they would tell us to apply turmeric on our bodies everyday to improve our skin, we'd be terrified. But now when the same natural ingredients with a pinch of fragrance and some pretty packaging is presented in front of us, we go gaga over it! Well, whatever it is, it has worked! More and more people are going organic by the day, be it in the food department or healthcare or beauty products, everybody is after the herbs. I have been hoarding on organic products for a while now and I have used them enough to review them for you guys.

Herb Island
Herb Island manufactures a lot of shampoos, shower gels, conditioners, hair oils, facewashes etc. I used 4 of their products and they are insanely good! They are completely chemical free and I can't stop using them!

French Green Clay Facewash
I have often wondered what green clay feels like and when I got my hands on these, it took me seconds to open it and start using it. It feels amazing to use this! It may not be as effective as most chemical based facewashes are, but it's still worth buying as it's really good for the skin.

It's really good for the skin since it contains green clay that is known for its highly absorbent properties.
It's very easy to wash off as it is not very soapy.
The product is quite affordable for a green clay product.

Does not give any foam if you're the kind of person who likes a frothy wash.
It hasn't helped me much with oil control to be honest.

Price: 199 INR
Buy it here: French Green Clay

Forest Berries & Exotic Flowers shampoo
While the Forest Berries didn't do much for me, the Exotic Flowers shampoo really helped me clean my scalp. It's one of the very few anti-dandruff shampoos that hasn't made me feel like I am shaving my head!

The anti-dandruff shampoo has really helped me reduce dandruff on my scalp.
The fragrance is out of the world!

Somehow my hair is dry and frizzy after use.

Price: 200-250 INR
Buy it here: Shampoos

Moroccan Argan Oil
I am quite skeptical about trying oils from brands I haven't heard of. Argan Oil is a very important product in my beauty kit and this one is a blessing! It's unbelievably inexpensive for Argan Oil and has helped me strengthen my hair. I use it every time I wash my hair and it tames the frizz.

This is the most affordable Argan oil of all times!
The serum is not at all greasy and works as a great styling product.
The bottle comes with a nozzle and it's quite user-friendly.

The size of the bottle should have been bigger :D

Price: 399 INR
Buy it here: Moroccan Argan Oil

Fursat Ki Baoli
Handmade soaps are the best! They smell and feel amazing. I got these two amazing soaps from Fursat Ki Baoli and they are so refreshing.

I got 2 flavours - Indian Dream Gulab & Mogra and Cedarwood Himalayan Deodar. They are both amazing to smell and feel really good, but I like the pink one better. The only complaint I have is how they are always moist or wet. I still won't stop using them!

They smell like heaven!
They are massive which makes it worth paying so much.
You can actually smell the flavor.
The soap never melts away like regular soaps do.

The soaps are always wet for some reason.

Price: 150 - 200 INR
Buy it here: Soaps

Ryaal Black Mess
This is a face mask that is Activated Charcoal based. Along with that, it contains a bunch of other natural products like Moroccos Lava Clay, Organic Dead Sea Mud, Aloe Vera Extract etc. Once applied, you need to leave it on till it dries up. All your clogged pores get instantly cleaned leaving the skin lightened and brightened. This cleaner is a big thumbs up for me!

This product has helped me get rid of my blackheads.
The fact that it contains a lot of different natural ingredients makes it very healthy for the skin.
The packaging is beyond amazing!

It's a bit expensive.

Price: 500 INR
Buy it here: Ryaal Black Mess

I hope you guys liked my picks. Do give herbal products a try. You will not regret it!

Hand On The Hip

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  1. Wow! The list of herbal products here is so helpful. I somehow like my masks, scrubs etc to be herbal. For the face, I am still not completely sure. I have a love/hate relationship.

  2. I totally agree with you! I remember my grandma forcing me to put turmeric, and I never did it, now I regret it..
    Such a well written review on these natural products !

  3. Nice and detailed review priya. I would like to give charcoal mask a try!

  4. Need to try the french green clay!

  5. I have been using organic products for a few years now and I love it!!

  6. I always wanted to switch to herbal products. This list is super helpful!

  7. Let me add one more to your list...try the khojati kajal. Read about it first on their page.

  8. Literally everything on the earth is a chemical..but yeah I love natural beauty products too. Haven't heard of some of these brands though, will check them out!