The blouse that never was

By Hand On The Hip - 10/20/2017


When I was around 14 years old or so I would binge eat potato chips and watch NDTV's Band Baja Bride and wish that some day I'd be on the show too. In fact, my BFF also suggested that I write to them. Had my hubs-to-be not been such a busy bee, I'd have definitely considered it. But why be on a wedding show when you can customize everything on your own anyway, right?

The moment my mum would get involved with the wedding shopping, I knew it was not going to be all hunky-dory! We are like the North pole and the South pole when it comes to fashion. However, I just decided that this time I am going to let her pick and choose everything or at least meet her halfway..well, more than halfway! So after some massive silk saree and lehenga shopping, we decided to find a good tailor to get the blouses stitched. Now normally, I don't spend a single ounce of my time worrying about tailors and blouses and always just end up wearing anything the tailor throws at me. I am the least fussy person when it comes to tailored Indian clothes. But what I saw and experienced was beyond belief!

One of my closest friends, who wears well-fitted and beautifully stitched blouses, recommended that I visit this tailor who goes by the name Code. Somehow I ended up going to New Code in MG Road, Mangalore, which I later found out was kind of a spin-off from Code that was downstairs in the same building. The lady (Thilaka) who owns the store sweet-talked us into getting not one, not two, but four of my saree blouses and one lehenga choli stitched there! When I went there to collect the clothes, I noticed that everything that could go wrong with the blouses had gone terribly and annoyingly wrong! The service was horrifyingly wicked and the cost of each blouse was over 3000 INR!

So I made a list of things a bride-to-be must take care of before handing over her wedding trousseau to anyone who has the power to make or alter it!

1.  Get some zari fabric and get a trial blouse made with all the designs and embroidery you would want on your wedding blouse. 
2. Ask the tailors to show some of their work and test it thoroughly!
3. Keep all the designs you want handy. Never let the tailor convince you what to get and what not to get! They're tailors, not designers!
4. Just because the price is high, does not mean that the quality of work would be good too! 
5. Do an extensive research and ask the fashionistas around you for suggestions.

And just because I want to share with you guys what a nightmare it was for me, after 5 visits and 4 months of waiting, here's a glimpse of my lehenga blouse that makes me so angry!

The finish was horrific! The color of thread used was an ugly gray and did not match my green blouse at all. The lining material was of an inferior quality.

There were many patches on the blouse that had a strange gap instead of embroidery that should have been there, like the shoulders.

The borders were all crooked and incomplete! This was the most annoying of them all!

Look at the bottom part of the blouse. There is no embroidery there! I mean, seriously...@#%$!!!

There were parts where the beads would just fall off or were broken. The embroidery material and everything else was of really inferior quality. There were no hooks in some places and parts of my precious silk blouse were torn! :(

It absolutely broke my  heart to see all of my ridiculously expensive clothes, most of which came from my life savings, being butchered like that! I usually never badmouth any clothing brand or service to this extent, but I really hope that no one else goes through this a month before their wedding. What am I gonna do? Probably just live with it! Or if time permits, get new pieces of cloth and re-make everything from scratch! Thanks for letting me vent :)

Hand On The Hip

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