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By Hand On The Hip - 2/13/2018

Hello peeps!

We have already seen a lot of people post about "What to wear on Valentines Day", "Five DIY gift ideas", "Top ten Valentines Day getaways" and what not as a marketing gimmick. I have also been a major contributor to this category of articles. I don't even want to analyze the profit margin of restaurants, bars, clothing brands, flower shops on Valentines Day every year. It's really sad that in the name of love, people are being exploited and young couples are under a lot of pressure. I have also succumbed to the pressure and made bad decisions in the past.

But this year, it's gonna be different. I mean, who am I kidding? I realised I am one of those people who seriously does not understand why Valentines Day is such a big deal. Why should I leave office early on February 14th, wear some uncomfortable red dress (Red is not even my color!) and act all coy and lovey-dovey on one hot, sunny day in February? Why can't I just gobble up some pizzas in my PJ's, Netlfix and chill with my bae on a random weekend when it's convenient? On the other hand, I am also a hopeless romantic and I like romantic gestures, cheesy love letters and beat this, rom-com is my fave movie genre! Keeping all my demands in mind, picking a husband has been quite a task! I mean, there are plenty of boys out there who'd make perfect boyfriends, but are they really husband material? How do you find that perfect blend? Now that I am somebody's lawfully wedded wife and all, and because most of you liked my post from last month and requested for another one (and also I had these pics from my pre-wedding photo shoot that I so badly wanted to show you guys :D), I wanted to let you guys know some things that helped me decide why I should marry this adorable man I call my husband. (Also, I've been reading this book called "My wife and other problems, my husband the only problem" which has been a huge inspiration behind this post.)

He has influenced me to gossip less and talk about more important things.

I have always had quite an appetite for gossip. (And no, it's not because I am a woman! In fact, statistics collected from surveys conducted by Daily Mail and Telegraph (and also my personal experience with men) suggest that men are more likely to gossip than women!) He has somehow made me realize that there are so many other engaging topics to talk about other than boy-girl drama and all that crap. I can safely say that gossip doesn't interest me anymore (well, at least not as much as it used to :D). Ladies, a person who piques your interests in more meaningful things and inspires you to let go of unimportant, irrelevant matters is definitely worth marrying!

He's the reason I started working out regularly.

On my 26th birthday, in front of ten people, he called me a balloon :( Or at least, that's what I gathered from a conversation he was having with my friend. I'm not gonna lie, I had gained a few pounds that year (Thanks to all the Bira blondes from the Goa trip earlier that year!). The very next day I spent the whole month's salary on a fitness center nearby and that was one of the best investments ever! I have been in love with Zumba ever since. He who motivates you to achieve something by mocking you repeatedly is a keeper!

He is the only person who has ever bought me useful things. 

On my first birthday that we spent together (the same one where he called me a balloon (oh yeah, I never let go of an opportunity to mention it)), he got me earphones! The fashion lover in me died a little bit, but those earphones were phenomenal. It's been nearly three years and they're still as good as new. It's nice that he buys me things I didn't even know I needed until he got them for me!

He lets me make fun of him (sometimes :D) and that paves way for some good laughs.

There is no husband in this world who can last two hours without making fun of his wife. But very few of them actually tolerate it when they are on the receiving end. My husband doesn't mind at all every time I call him a spoilt brat and make fun of him for spending shitloads of money on all his Apple gadgets and Egyptian cotton shirts. He who laughs at himself never runs of things to laugh at. I am secretly trying to be that person as well!

He has woken up the kaamwali bai in me!

I get influenced by people I love quite easily. There are some things that I have always been interested in, but somehow over the years that part of me had died. For instance, I used to love cleaning and organizing, but when life got in the way, I ignored the clean freak in me. Now the OCD in him has resurrected that part of me (mostly out of fear :p) and I have been constantly organizing my room for the past ten days! 

He reminds me of my mother!

My mum is someone who I have disagreed with on every possible topic my entire life, but she still is my bestest friend and he seems to be another version of her. Although it can get difficult to deal with both of them (:p), it's comforting to have them around and they are usually sensible people who have helped me become who I am today.

He is a social butterfly.

It's always nice to have someone around who can talk to anyone, especially when you are having difficulties in that area. I really enjoy showing him off to my friends and family and also at blogger's events where he is almost like my wing-man. Yes, he does end up stealing the limelight, but that's amazing for me since I like taking  a step back and being in the background sometimes.

He tells me that he loves me, trillion times a day <3

Being loved is a wonderful feeling. I really like and adore people who are very expressive. And hearing those words.... well, a girl can never get enough of it! Not a day has gone by when my inbox hasn't received his "Good Morning" or "Good Night" text. He fights with me, he calls me stupid all the time, he gets annoyed with me, but he always showers me with all the love in the world and all else is forgiven and forgotten.

This man is going to keep me on my toes and that's something I am looking forward to. I am sure the rest of my life is going to be challenging, but I am excited for the adventure. Happy Valentines Day, y'all. Don't be cliched and buy your girlfriend a hundred roses. Instead tell her why you want her in your life and may each day of the year be celebrated the same way you celebrate today!

Hand On The Hip

Photo credits - Purni Photography

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