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By Hand On The Hip - 2/19/2018

Hey guys!

February is supposedly the month of romance. With Valentines' Day being one of the biggest reasons for people to go out and celebrate, looking absolutely radiant is a must. But what products have you used so far? Would you to try something new? I've been frequently subscribing to GlamEgo and this month I received a whole lot of skin care products that have stolen my heart.

The packaging is interesting, as always. This time's box came with a contest to find your Valentine's name on the box. I could effortlessly find mine :D Winners will be rewarded with a 10K Shoppers Stop voucher. I am super excited! There are 4 products, 3 for skin care and 1 body mist. I am really disappointed that there are no make-up products in this month's box, but the skin care products have turned out to be quite effective and useful. This month's products are -
  • Body Mist by Natural Bath & Body 
  • Choco Caffeine Glow Face Pack by Mcaffeine
  • Saffron Radiance Face Cream by The Nature's Co
  • Pollu-Stop Face Protective Screen by Kronokare

Body Mist by Natural Bath & Body 

I always have at least 3-4 body mists I keep using at any given point of time. I feel more relaxed using body mists over deos or even perfumes. For my day-to-day use, body mists are just perfect. This blue colored beauty is one of the best I've used till date. I am not a big fan of rose or sandalwood fragrances, so this one is big hit for me. The smell is very pleasant and the packaging is quite user friendly.

Choco Caffeine Glow Face Pack by Mcaffeine

I have already used this product before and wasn't quite thrilled to see this in the box. I normally like face packs that are easily washable or peel able and do not have a strong odour. For instance, I like anything with activated charcoal or sandalwood in it. Chocolate for me is something to munch on when I am happy, sad, devastated, excited, hungry.. you get the point! :D This face pack did not help me with my skin problems, instead it was a little too irritating to have it on my face. Will give it another shot though.

Saffron Radiance Face Cream by The Nature's Co

Saffron has a gazillion uses and is really expensive. This cream is worth trying. I don't like creams that are too sticky or difficult to remove since I have oily skin. But this on dries up on your skin immediately leaving behind a certain amount of radiance.

Pollu-Stop Face Protective Screen by Kronokare

I have used a lot of products from Kronokare in the past, but this one caught me by surprise. It's a face spray kind of a thing that acts as a protective shield. I really like using this as it's very convenient to apply. I do my make-up over it so that it acts as a base or a primer. I give this product a big thumbs up.

I hope you guys are going to purchase this month's box and win the contest as well.

Hand On The Hip

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